"Sorry, you're on your own today."

I head out my bedroom door and Calum once again follows me which makes me almost groan in frustration. Can't he just accept the fact that I'm not going?

"Can I at least walk with you?" Calum asks. "We can bring Duke!"

I sigh, seeing no harm in this except the fact that he's probably going to purposefully walk slow to annoy me.

"Fine," is all I say. "But hurry up."

Calum cheers as he runs into his room to change. I stop at the door and decide to grab Duke's leash in order to bring him along for the walk. Honestly, he wouldn't have sold me on the idea unless Duke was coming along.

"You have a minute," I call out to him as I check my watch to make sure I actually only give him a minute.

I hear him running around his room frantically so I whistle for Duke and it's not long before he comes running in. I smile as I bend down and attach the leash to his collar.

If I could take him to class, I truly would.

Crystal had come into my room late last night and talked to me about getting another dog. I was surprised to hear this but she said Michael's been begging for another for along time. She's expressed how hesitant she is because she doesn't want to replace Georgia but also think Southy needs a friend.

I told her it was a great idea and I'm all for it but she still seems on the edge. Mostly because I know how sad she was when Georgia died, and I can only imagine how terrified she is of getting another dog. But I think getting another dog will be so good for them. They love animals more than anything in the world.

Plus, Duke could obviously use another friend.

"I'm coming, don't leave without me!" Calum yells even though I haven't moved from my spot.

"I'm leaving!" I joke as I walk towards the door.

Within seconds, Calum comes sprinting out of his room with a backwards snapback on top of his head. I raise my eyebrows at him as he pants and takes in the scene of me still being here.

"I'm ready," he says as if I don't see him standing in front of me.

"Let's go," I say opening the door to our house.

Calum follows after me and hurries out as I shut the door behind the three of us. Stepping out into the warm weather, I notice Duke immediately picks up his pace seeming to appreciate it immediately.

"Did you hear Michael and Crystal want to get another dog?" Calum asks me.

I nod my head and say, "I'm on board, I think it'll be good for them."

"Me too," Calum says. "Michael said he's going to start looking this weekend."

I raise my eyebrows and am surprised by this. Is Crystal aware of that plan? She definitely wasn't completely on board when I talked to her so I can't imagine much has changed in the short period of time.

"Does Crystal know that?"

"No," Calum says. "And she doesn't need to."

God forbid Michael impulsively gets a dog and then brings him or her home and Crystal loses her shit. We all know how Michael gets. He's impulsive like no other and no doubt will do something that will get him in trouble.

"If he gets a dog without her permission, she'll kill him."

Crystal likes to wear the pants in the relationship and she mostly does. This is because Michael is so head over heels in love with her that he doesn't have a strict mindset when he's with her. When he's with her, he'll do absolutely anything in the world for her.

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