Chapter 2

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   Even after the whole robber thing, my dad took my family to the aquarium. He said he had spent good money on it and wasn't going to give that up for anything.
   So I opened up the shop like I had planned. Tim was there waiting like he always was, but this time he was dressed ready to serve coffee.
   "Hey", I smiled at him and let him in.
   "Hey. How is it going? And why do you have bruises on your arms?", Tim raised an eyebrow.
   "Oh shoot. I didn't realize he left bruises. Mind watching the counter while I put on a long sleeved shirt?", I looked at my arm and sure enough, there were bruises where the man from the night before had held me.
   "Sure. But you have to tell me why you have bruises when you get back", Tim demanded.
   "Of course", I nodded and ran upstairs. I grabbed a long sleeved sweater and tossed it on, covering the bruises on my arms. When I ran back down, Tim was waiting, chatting up some glass company workers.
   "Kitty, these guys said you called them", Tim looked at me.
   "I did. They're here to fix up that window", I turned my head to the broken window.
   "I was wondering about that. Does it have something to do with the bruises on your arm?", Tim asked.
   "Yeah", I looked at the men and smiled, "Let me know if you guys need it and you can each have a free cup of coffee as a little extra payment. Just don't tell my dad."
   "You're such a sweetheart, Kitty. I'm glad we got to deal with you this time and not your dad", the worker chuckled. They walked over to the window and got to work.
   "Now explain the bruises", Tim demanded again.
   "Okay, God. There was a break in last night and the guys caught me. One of them held me a little too tight", I shrugged, "Red Robin came to my rescue."
   "Thank God you weren't hurt. Your family still went to that aquarium?", Tim seemed rather confused.
   "My dad doesn't like wasting money. It's all good though. I can handle myself during the day. Especially with so many people around", I turned away from Tim to take a customers order.
   "That still isn't fair", Tim shook his head and watched me make the coffee so he could learn how to use the machines.
   "It's fine. My dad does a lot of things like this. It's because he is angry at me for going to school for Photography. I saved up all the paychecks I got until I could afford to go and then I left. Dad was absolutely pissed. He still is. He thinks I'll make plenty of money just working for the family business. But i want to be a photographer. I want to take photos of happy couples at weddings, happy families, just anyone and anything", I let out a wistful sigh and then shook my head, "But my dad is trying everything in his power not to let that happen."
   "Well, I think you should be a photographer. Screw what your dad says. You deserve to be happy and do what you want", Tim smiled at me.
   "Thanks, Tim", I smiled and gently punched his arm, "You are kind of cheesy."
   "Guilty as charged", Tim chuckled and shook his head, "But I meant it."
   "Thank you again", I looked away from him.
   "You're welcome. And while I'm thinking about it, Bruce bought me and my brothers tickets to some really cool place this weekend but Jason backed out. Would you like to go?", Tim watched my face for my reaction.
   "I would love to. But what place are we going to?", I asked, tilting my head.
   "It's a surprise. I swear you won't be disappointed!", Tim grinned, obviously excited by my answer.
   "Alright. I'm trusting you, Tim Drake", I smiled.
   "Make sure you bring your camera", he grinned even wider, then it fell, "Just don't let my brothers scare you. Dick is flirty and Damian... he's just a brat."
   "Don't worry. It can't be worse than my family", I smiled.
   The week went by quickly and I could barely get through work the day before the trip with Tim. I wanted to know where he was taking me. The morning of the trip, I spent over an hour picking my outfit and then another hour making sure my hair was perfect. I ended up choosing a red skirt with black leggings and a black, long sleeved shirt. I picked out a pair of black combat boots and for my hair, I curled it and then pulled it into a side ponytail.
   "Kitty, Tim is here!", Mom called from downstairs. I grabbed my camera bag and ran downstairs.
   Tim was waiting for me by the counters and I looked him over. His hair was styled in one of those messy styles and he was wearing nice pants and a button up shirt.
   "Hey", I walked to him, grinning. As I got closer, I noticed that the bags under his eyes were less noticable.
   "Hey. Ready to go?", Tim grinned slightly at me.
   "Completely! I can't wait to see where we are going!", I held up my camera bag, "And I brought my camera like you asked.
   "Have fun, Kitty", Mom cooed.
   "I'm glad you decided to listen. You won't regret bringing it. I promise", Tim turned to my mom, "I'll have her home before 9 tonight."
   "So wherever we are going is going to be an all day trip. I'm glad I brought my wallet", I thought out loud as Tim led me to the door.
   "Don't worry about that. Everything you want and we do today is on me and my family", Tim smiled and led me to a limo.
   "Wait", I stopped and stared at the limo with wide eyes, "We're riding in that?"
   "Yeah. That's okay right? You don't feel uncomfortable, do you?", Tim seemed to be panicking.
   "No! It's not that at all. I just worry about ruining something", I answered as an older gentleman walked around the limo.
   "Master Tim, is something wrong?", the older man asked.
   "No, it's okay, Alfred", Tim shook his head then smiled at me, "There's no reason to worry about that. You won't." Tim opened the door for me as the older man walked back towards the driver's side. I climbed in to find two others. There was a man with black hair and blue eyes. He had a wide smile on his face as I climbed in. The other was a younger boy with black hair and greenish blue eyes. He was scowling and didn't even look my way.
   "Okay, so, the older guy there is Dick. Don't let him flirt with you too much", Tim climbed in after me and began introducing me to the two others in the car, "And the demon there is Damian. Don't even bother trying to talk to him."
   "Hello. It's nice to meet you both", I smiled and held my hand out to Dick. He took my hand and shook it.
   "It's nice to meet you too, Kitty. Tim told us a bit about you", Dick smiled.
   "Oh? What has he told you?", I glanced over at Tim as the limo started moving.
   "You love photography and make the best coffee he has ever had. Oh, and he told us you were cute but you surpass expectations", Dick grinned wider and my cheeks flared red.
   "Dick!", Tim glared at his older brother.
   "I don't agree. I think she's less than what he described", the younger brother spoke and for some reason, his words hurt me more than I cared to admit.
   "Shut up, Damian! You are just jealous that she is friends with me and not you", Tim glared at his younger brother.
   "As if. I wouldn't want attention of someone who isn't going to go further than owning a coffee shop", Damian looked back out the window and I looked down, fighting tears. I couldn't believe we had just left and I was already in tears.
   "Damian, she's going to school for photography. Besides that, you don't get to decide how far she is going to go. Only she can decide that", Tim defended me and I felt grateful.
   "Dami, that was mean", Dick scolded the young boy.
   "I don't care, Grayson."
   "Don't listen to him, Kitty. He's honestly just jealous", Tim wrapped an arm around me.
   "Thanks", I mumbled. We chatted for the rest of the car ride and the older gentleman opened the door for us when we stopped.
   I climbed out of the car to find the sign for the exact museum that my family had gone to without me.
   "Wait, did you do this on purpose?", I turned to Tim who shrugged, his cheeks red.
   "I mean, I asked Bruce to buy the tickets for everyone after I heard you wanted to come, knowing full well that Jason wouldn't want to come", Tim looked away from me.
   "You are amazing!", I threw my arms around Tim and he caught me easily. He slowly wrapped his arms around me back.
   "I'm glad you're happy about it", Tim spoke softly.
   "Thank you so much. Nobody has done something like this for me since my brother was born", I buried my face into his neck and just stayed there. I knew it was weird, seeing as we were just friends, but I didn't care. Not only did I not want Tim's younger brother to see my tears, but I also didn't want to let go.
   "You're a good person, Kitty. You deserve things like this", Tim replied and I finally pulled back, wiping my tears.
   "Thank you", I smiled and pulled my camera out. Before anybody else moved, I snapped a picture of Tim. His blushing cheeks and wide smile.
   "What was that for?", Tim raised an eyebrow.
   "Just because", I grinned, "Now let's go!"
   "Just delete that picture later, okay?", he began walking towards the entrance without waiting for an answer, and there was no way I was deleting the picture. I followed after Tim, who handed the four tickets to the person at the entrance. We stepped into the aquarium and I was filled with energy. I lifted my camera and snapped a shot of the fish as we walked past the glass. I couldn't stop grinning as I snapped more pictures. I managed to get one of Damian without him noticing and Dick was more than willing to pose for a picture. I also got some more pictures of Tim. He told me to delete them but that wasn't happening.
   "Can you guys all stand together in front of the glass?", I begged. Damian was dragged over with his brothers and I snapped a few pictures of them.
   "Let's find someone to take a few pictures so you can join us!", Tim grinned.
   "Ma'am, would you mind taking a picture of us?", I asked an older woman here with her teenage grandson.
   "Of course", the woman smiled widely and I handed her my camera and joined the boys.
   "Okay, one more", the woman said after takings a few pictures. Just as she took the picture, both Tim and Dick kissed my cheeks on each side. I blushed brightly and went to take the camera from the older lady.
   "Thank you", I smiled at her.
   "You're welcome. Now are either of those boys your boyfriend?", she asked softly.
   "Oh goodness no", I shook my head, blushing brighter.
   "Too bad. The younger one is watching you like that's exactly what he wants. Enjoy yourself", the lady winked and walked off with her grandson.
   "Kitty, you should show me how to use your camera", Tim walked up to me.
   "Oh, okay", I grinned at Tim and began showing him how to work my camera. As I did I looked over at him. Did I want that kind of relationship with Tim? Did he want it?

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