I love Caitlin?

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Barry Pov,

"Wait what do you mean "where is Caitlin." I ask worriedly

"Well after she left she didn't come back I called her several times but no one picked up" I knew this was my fault she was probably at home not willing to see me and broken to even see me. "I'll talk to her." I said and gave Cisco a look to keep him shut. "So what did you find did you talk to Nora." He asked changing the subject. " No, but something weird happened when I first got there my apartment looked abandoned."

"I thought Nora lived there? She said that it was her and Iris that lived there." "It gets weirder I go in and find a girl sitting on the floor crying, at first I wanted to comfort her when I saw her she looked familiar. She already knew I was from the past but said she was born after I disappeared then she said that something changed and I have to "Figure it out"."

"That is weird do you know if she-" "Wait let me finish before I could respond to what she said she speeded away, she was a speedster with blue lightning, not only that but she also left a trail of ice behind her." "How fast is she like you fast or slower" "She is definitely way faster, I couldn't even see that she left and I'm a speedster, normally I could see them but she just looked like she disappeared." "Well, who did she look like to you?" "I saw Caitlin but I brought a picture, she is with another girl I just don't know who." I said handing him the picture.

"Barry." "Yes" "This yes looks like Caitlin but she looks more like you."  

Before Barry could answer Iris walked in

No pov,

"Barry what the hell, you did need to do that" Iris said angrily 

"Iris not know I'm doing something more important, I don't need the headache" Barry said through grinding teeth 

"What do you mean by headache, Barry this is Nora we are talking about, what is more, important than your daughter."

"Caitlin," Barry said shouting at her not caring that its Iris "Caitlin is more important," he said calming down as if he just realized what he had said then walked out.

Barry when to Caitlin's apartment throughout the entire walk there all Barry could think about was that Caitlin truly was the most important one to him, Iris and Nora didn't even have an effect on him. "I love Caitlin," he says in a whisper "I love Caitlin?" he questions himself "I love Caitlin," he says sure than he ever was. When he arrived at her house the door was kicked down, he knew ran to Cisco "Caitlin's taken" he said in tears and Cisco could tell.

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