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          "Never did I ever think I would see the day where Nikki Sixx doesn't want to go to a strip club" Vince jeered. 

"Fuck off, Blondie. I just wanna go back to bed." the rough looking bassist sulked. But everyone in the band knew that when he meant go back to bed, what he really meant was lock himself in his hotel room and do copious amounts of drugs. 

"We just gotta scope out the place, Sixx. We're not even filming the music video tonight. We'll be here like two hours, tops." Tommy tried to somewhat comfort his friend. While he admired just how fast Nikki lived the rock star lifestyle, he wasn't completely blind. He knew his friend was in too deep. But the thing about Nikki Sixx is- he's got too much fucking pride to ever admit when he needs your help. You catch him off guard by offering it, he'll end up kicking your ass. 

"Whatever, man" Nikki sighed as they all entered the strip club better known as; The Seventh Veil. 

"Oh quit your whining kid, and have a drink" Mick chirped at the bass player who was looking more and more like a zombie every day. It broke Mick's heart to see him in such a horrible state, but he didn't even know where or how to approach the situation. Nikki was a handful and he knew if he tried to intervene, Nikki would blow a gasket. 

"Shut up, you drunk" Nikki grimaced, rolling his eyes in the process.

"Want a bump, dude?" Tommy offered. 

"You know me well, T-Bone" Nikki smirked slightly. The coke would help him get through this 'auditioning' process, if you will. Then after this, he'd swipe a bottle of whiskey, get him some strippers from the joint, and take them all back with him to his hotel room. A solid night, if he must say so himself.

"Motley Crue, welcome to the Seventh Veil!" A balding middle aged man said as he greeted the band. Nikki wanted to roll his eyes at his enthusiasm. 

"Yeah man, thanks for having us," Vince smirked.  "now show us all the tits you've got working here, would ya?"

"Oh for fucks sake," Doc shook his head, stepping in. "I'm Doc, Crue's manager. Thanks for having us. Sorry about having you close your business for the night." 

"I'm Gord and it's not a problem at all. The girls are all eager and ready to show you their stuff for the video." the greasy man who was now known as Gord, spoke with a smile. This earned him some cheers from the boys, sans Nikki who was preoccupied with the twenty dollar bill and the stardust. 

"Well, settle yourselves in gentlemen and I'll bring them on out for you" Gord concluded with a grin, heading off to the backstage area of the club to bring out the strippers. 

Taking his advice, Doc ushered the boys to a table that was right in front of the stage. 

"Man, I can't wait to see what this guy's got in his inventory" Vince chuckled, taking a swig of his beer that had just been brought over by a waitress. 

"Tonight's gonna be one for the books, boys" Tommy adds with a laugh, nudging Nikki to see if he'd agree with him. Nikki just shoots him a smirk but his eyes show just how dead inside he really is. 

Mick just shakes his head at the boys, reaching forward for his vodka soda. "Do you guys think that for one night, just one night, you could keep your dicks in your pants?" 

"Mick, we're in a fucking strip club. That's like telling a fat kid don't salivate in a candy store" Vince retorts making the guys laugh. Even Nikki. 

"Yeah man, we've got a record to beat after all" Nikki finally put his two cents in, smirking slightly. The cocaine was starting to kick in and make it's effects known. 

"Ahh, Salt Lake City. What a time" Vince laughed, slapping his hand against Nikki's in a high five. Doc just rolled his eyes at the pair, smiling slightly. These guys were something else, that was for sure. 

The music was cranked up a little louder in the club, making the boys cheer and clap as the strippers had made their way up the stage almost like in a single file line. 'Damn, this really was an audition process' Nikki thought, rummaging around through his leather jacket looking for his cigarettes and lighter. 

"All right ladies, this is Motley Crue; which you all obviously know. Motley Crue, meet the ladies of Seventh Veil." Gord introduced/announced all with that stupid smile on his face the entire time. 

"Hi ladies" the Crue all said in unison, waving at a few. Winks and flirtatious looks were sent all through many of them.

"Well, let's get this started then, shall we? Sherry you're up first darling. Ladies, give her the stage would ya?" Gord declared, exiting the stage with the rest of the girls except for Sherry, a tall bleach blonde with the most fake tits Nikki had ever seen in his life. And at this point, he had seen plenty of fake tits.

Sherry had gotten into the start of her routine when the sudden sound of a door slamming open was heard throughout the room. 

"Honey, would you stop it? You're not thinking straight and you're making a scene" Gord spoke as calmly as he could and he was clearly frustrated. 

A shorter woman with raven coloured hair turned on her heel, dangerously up close and personal with Gord and glared up at him in defiance. "No, you're not thinking straight," she pointed at him. "you call me in to work last minute for this shit? And then tell us that we're not even getting fucking paid for our time?! And you have the balls to be mad at me for rightfully getting upset? Fuck you, Gord!" and with that, the woman turned around again- hitting Gord in the face with her long hair and walking out of the club, the door slamming behind her. 

Once he realized everyone was looking at him, Gord awkwardly clapped his hands together and made his way over to the Crue with a small smile on his face. "Right. Sorry about that. Sherry, start your routine back up honey." 

Sherry just rolled her eyes and made her way back to the pole. "Again gentlemen, really my apologies. The girls around here can get a little bit.. feisty" Gord tried to put it nicely. 

"We want her in the video." Nikki spoke up, catching everyone's attention. 

"What? But she didn't even dance. I doubt she'll even come back with what she just pulled" Gord was on the brink of stuttering.

"Did I stutter? Get her back here and get her to dance. We'll even come back on a work night." Nikki decided, earning a sideways glance from Doc. The dude didn't have a clue when it came to bookings and planning excursions that worked around their tour and work schedule. Doc was in for another nightmare. 

"O-okay. But I doubt it will be easy." Gord smiled meekly.

Nikki smirked. "Easy gets a little boring after a while" he said earning hearty laughs from Tommy and Vince as well as a smirk and a eye roll from Mick. 

Nikki took a sip from his jack and coke and found himself interested in seeing that little spitfire again sooner rather than later.

. . .

A/N: aaaaand finally the first chapter is up! And on my birthday. Damn Daniel (I'm gonna throw up lol).

Sorry it took so long but I hope it sufficed! Lemme know your thoughts? Stay weird, lovelies  xo. ~

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