School in the Narrows

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"Sena!  I love school.  Do you?" Jade asked her as she run form Taylor to Selina.  "Yeah it was great.  Did ya make some more friends?" Selina asked.  "Yes.  Sandy, and Toby, oh and Sarah." Jade said.  "Sound real good kid." Selina said.  "look I made a picture for Mrs P." Jade said.  What did you do?" Jade asked.  "No drawing." Selina said.  "Did you do that?" Evan asked as he cought up with them walking.  "Yeah it's for Mrs P." Jade very proudly said.  "I think it is stupid." Evan said running off down the street laughing.  "He just don't know art." Selina said.   "I Don't care It's not for him." Jade said as she walked with the other girls.  

   As the children approached the front door, the knew there was trouble. Mr Pike was screaming at Mrs Pike. "Why the hell was he even at the school Carol?" He yelled at her. "I don't know. Does he have children there?" Carol asked. "Does he have children there? Woman! He probably has a dozen bastards there. She is probably one of his. For all we know. He is taking an awful lot of interest in her. I am just saying?" Mr Pike said to Carol. "Don't say that Joseph. She is a little girl. They are confused enough as it is." Carol said. "So did he talk with you?" Mr Pike asked. "Yes." Carol said. "So why was he at the school?" He asked again. "He paid their school fees for the year." Carol said. "Why?" Mr Pike asked looking her up and down. "How dare you suggest such a thing Joseph Pike!" Carol said. "I'm sorry." He said to her. By now the girls were at the front door. It was ajar. "Well look at it this way. They can pay. But you get to bring her up." Carol said with a smile for him. "Yeah I bet he is losing sleep at night knowing she is here with me." Mr Pike said with a grin. "I sure he is darling. Now the girls will be home soon. I have to finish dinner. An Apple for you Evan. You will not eat your dinner otherwise." Carol said glaring at the boy. He smiled and took the apple, then he run off to the room he shared with the older boys.

The girls looked at each other. "Do ya think they are talking about Uncle Butch?" Jade whispered. "Why was he at school today?" Taylor asked. "Yeah I seen him at the office on the way in." Jade said. "That must be it. Evan was running late again." Taylor said. "So he would have seen Uncle Butch there." Selina said. "What are you girls doing? Are ya eavesdropping on Dad and Carol?" Cal asked as he came up behind them. "No." Jade said. "No?" Cal asked. "No I made a picture for Mrs P. I was just getting it ready to take in and give her. Then we heard them talking. So we thought we had better wait." Jade said. "Jade!" Selina said. "I told, oh sorry." JAde said with a smile. "You crack me up Jade." Cal said pushing past the girls to enter the apartment.

"Hey Dad the girls are outside listening." Cal said as he walked through.

Carol looked at Mr Pike. They stood there waiting for the explosion. "Hey Mrs P look what I made ya at school." Jade said rushing through to hand the woman the picture. "Oh Jade this is just lovely." Carol said taking it and placing it on the fridge. "You alright Bridget?" Carol asked. "No." She said running to the room she shared with the girls. Carol run after her. "So were ya arguing about Uncle Butch?" Jade asked Mr Pike. "None of your business." He replied before walking off with a laugh. "I don't like him." Jade whispered to Selina. "Come on you two lets go see the pigeons." Taylor said taking the girls out of the disturbance with Bridget.

Meanwhile in their room Bridget had thrown herself on the bed to cry. "What is it beautiful girl?" Carol asked her. "Jade. Jade this Selina that. They are the only ones now who get anything." Bridget said sobbing. "OH love don't feel like that. I am sorry if I have not given you any attention lately." Carol said. "But she even has her pictures on the fridge." Bridget said crying again. "Bridget you have me have you not?" Carol asked. "Yes." Bridget sobbed. "Now you know how much I love you and Taylor. Don't you?" Carol asked. "Yes." Bridget sniffed. "Now when your Dad died, did I make you call Mr P Dad?" Carol asked. "No." Bridget said. "Now think about how it would be. If you and Taylor lost me. Your Dad went and got another woman to watch you. How would you feel?" Carol asked. "No very good. I would be very said." Bridget said. "Now think about Jade and Selina. Not only did their Mum's not want them. Jade's Mum didn't want her baby. She gave it away too. How would you feel about that. If I gave you and Taylor away?" Carol asked. "I'm sorry Mum." Bridget said hugging her mother. "While I draw breath Bridget, I will look out for you and Taylor. I will take good care of you all. Do your understand love?" Carol asked. "Yes Mum." Bridget said hugging her Mother. "I love you Mum." Bridget said. "I love you too Bridget, No one will ever by my baby but you. But I think we have enough love in our heart for Selina and Jade. Don't you think?" Carol asked. "Yes Mum. I'm sorry Mum." Bridget said. "You have no need to apologize. You are after all only human. But please try and love them a little." Carol asked. "Yes Mum." Bridget said with a smile. ""Now did you want to come help me with dinner. I think the girls went off with Taylor." Carol said. "Yes thanks mum." Bridget said.

While they worked Carol told Bridget all about how she and Bridget's Dad Archie met. What they did, how they had gotten married in a rainstorm. How they lived and love life together. Until the day he died in a car accident. Bridget laughed and laughed at the stories. She was just so happy to be with her Mum.

Taylor had dropped in to see Alice Pepper again. "You girls come every day. I will have to make a time to go shopping without the girls. You are nearly old enough Taylor for babysitting." Alice said with a smile. "I think we would all like that." Taylor said. "Hi Harleen. I went to school today. I thought of you. I made a few friends. It is good to see ya." Jade said looking over the side of the bassinet. "When will she be old enough to come out and play?" Jade asked. "A while yet love." Alice said with a smile at the girl. "OK. We had better go home now. Mrs P should have finished talking with Bridget now. I will make Harleen and Ivy a picture tomorrow at school. Bye Mrs Pepper." Jade said going to leave. "I will have to go talk to Carol later." Alice said. "I will send her down after dinner." Taylor said laughing. "So you are going back to school tomorrow?" Taylor asked. "You want to bet. School is awesome!" Jade said giggling...........................                       

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