School in the Narrows

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Jade's hand shook with the excitement of it all.  As she approached the big red doors of the school.   The butterfly's she had in her stomach, were about to take flight.  Jade felt them taking her away high in the air.  She giggled.  "Are you alright Jade?: Mrs Pike asked.  "Yep." Jade replied.  "Are you a little excited?"Carol asked the girl.  "Yeah the bitch Mummy never let us go to school.  Said I was not going to associate with anyone else.  Said I had Sena.  I had to make that enough." Jade said.  "It's not that I don';t love Sena.  But I want to learn to read." Jade continued.  "Well you are in what we call pre-school.  Selina and Bridget are in a different part of the school.  But you will be just fine." Carol said to her.   "I Know, I'm excited.  I see Sena and Briget and Taylor after school." Jade said with a smile.  

As they walked by the office Jade raised her hand and waved.  "Who are you waving to Jade?" Carol asked.  She had looked up but did not see anyone.  "Mr Oswald, and Uncle Butch.  Do they have kids here too?" Jade asked.  "Mr Os .... Oh ... they will not be as school again.  If you see then Jade.  Please  just come home and tell me.  Don't ever tell Mr Pike." Carol said with a smile at the girl.  "Don't Mr P like Uncle Butch?" Jade asked.  "No dear." Carol said.  "Why?" Jade asked.  "Oh look 4 A this is us." Carol said changing the subject.  "Ah my new girl.  Jade Quinzel?" The teacher asked.  "That's me." Jade said with a smile at her.  "Well hello then.  Welcome to our room.  My name is Miss Amanda.  Over there is Miss Kylie.  She is our training teacher.  Why don't you go and find where we leave our bag and coats.  I want to have w quick word with Mummy." Miss Amanda said.  "OK.  But just so ya know this is not my Mummy.  She ditched me at the orphanage.  But Sena my sister.  Know's this nice lady's girl.  Briget and Taylor.  So we live with them now.  Mrs P is the best.  She is a nice lady." Jade said giving Carol a hug.  Carol hugged her back.  "See ya after school  Mrs P." Jade called as she went to put her bag and hat on the hook with the others.  

"I am so sorry about that." Carol apologized for Jade.  "It is fine.  At least I am not going crazy.  I thought I knew you.  Bridget, and Taylor's mum." Amanda said.  "Yes.  You remember all the parents?" Carol asked.  "No just the outstanding ones.  I can see from the start Jade will be that." Amanda said.  Both women turned to look at Jade.  She was now sitting drawing with the other kids.  She was even talking and laughing.  "See she will be fine." Amanda said.  "Please feel free to come and talk to me about anything.  If anything changes at home that we need to deal with.  Please let us know." Amanda said.  "I will." Carol said watching Jade.  "She will be fine.  I have read her records." Amanda said.  "Yes her and Selina are brave children." Carol said as she smiled and left her baby Jade there.

When Carol came out of the room Butch was there.  "Hello Carol.  We have paid Jade and Selina's school fees for the year.  If you need anything for the excursions, sports, or anything.  Call." Butch said.  Carol looked at the man then at the smaller man beside him.  He looked like a slimy penguin bird.  "This here is Oswald.  He will be the contact if I can not do it." Butch said.  "Very nice to meet you Mrs Pike." Oswald said.  Carol took his outstretched hand and shook it.  "Thank Miss Mooney for me." Carol said as she walked off.  "I knew it was not here for Fish.  You had better make it clear to her, when we get back." Oswald said walking off and pulling at his vest.  "Ah stop ya whining. Penguin." Butch said.  He knew Oswald Cobblpot hatted that name.  

Jade had so much fun that day.  She played, run ate and drank in the school.  She had never been so happy in her life.  There was a few children that did not like her.  But she didn't really care.  She made other friends.  "Jade how did ya go?" Taylor asked as Jade came out of the school room.  "I had the best time Taylor.  Look I painted a picture for Mrs P." Jade said with excitement.  "Oh very nice.  I am sure she will love it." Taylor said with a smile.  "That's the girl Mummy.  She said her mum ditched her.  That she was a real bit....." The young girl was stopped in mid speech.  Her Mothers hand slapping across her face.  "Don't ever repeat that word.  I have told you before." The woman said pushing past Jade and Taylor.  "She was only telling the truth." Taylor said as the woman glared at the girls.  "I know you would think they live at the top of the Ritz.  She is down pretty low.  She should learn to live with it.  Ya know they have no friends." The random woman said.  "Do you know her Sandy?" Jade asked.  "Yeah she is an odd one.  Lives with just her Mother.  In our apartment building" Sandy replied.  "We should make friends with her." Jade said.  "If ya want." Sandy said.  Tomorrow?" Jade asked.  "Cool with me." Sandy said.  ":Come on Sandy, Dad will be home soon.  He will want his dinner.  Bye Taylor." The woman said nodding at Jade. 

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