about me !!!

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h-hewwo???? okay so I know literally nobody will read this or give a shit but I'm a narcissist so I'm making it anyways, this be my rant book. where I just talk shit about my life because i have three friends??? anywayz my names noah, I'm almost seventeen, im bisexual and i really love frogs. i wanna be a journalist and i love love love writing more than anything, especially poetry, i carry around a bunch of pens and notebooks with me everywhere!!! my favorite colors are pink and gold, i am an annoying kpop stannie im so sorry. my favorite thing in the whole world is making people happy and I just wanna make things brighter for the most people possible. i have a bearded dragon named viserion who is basically my fourth best friend, also I fucking love game of thrones. I'm scared of thunder and deathly allergic to hornets, also more mildly allergic to pineapple? i live in florida, gator time. i dye my hair constantly and then complain about it being damaged, i love stickers and my room is covered in them. i also love candles, and flowers. my boyfriends name is Alex and he is my angel, he loves bunnies and space and pastel purple, bunny themed wedding? my best friend's name is shiloh and she's the only real one tbh, absolute queen. i am so scared for endgame and i am really craving nachos. thank you for your time.
love always,

noah <3

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