Chapter 13

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We landed in Las Vegas and we were currently on our way to our hotel.

The rest of the ride was quiet, well for me anyways. After I left the room I just stayed to myself or talked to Natalie. Everyone else was doing crazy things for either David's vlog or any other person who had a camera out.

I, on the other hand couldn't stop thinking about what happened between me and David.

The thought of dating was scary. The thought of dating David was even scarier. Don't get me wrong, David is the sweetest guy in the world. He's the most caring and loving guy I have probably ever met. The only thing that keeps running across my mind, is Liza .

I can't stop myself from thinking that he may still love her and I may just be a rebound of some sort.

My brain was going haywire. David's and Liza's relationship had been non stop for two years. His life didn't change for two years.

A part of me actually wanted to believe that he actually likes me, instead of just making me fall for him and later finding out I was just there for comfort. Why was I getting so worked up about it?

I snapped out of the trance I was in when someone yelled, "We're here!" We all got out of the Uber's, standing outside of the famous Venetian. I looked up at the big casino and gawked. Vegas was actually beautiful with all the lights shinning in the darkening sky.

"Oh baby, we're gonna have so much fun." Zane said. He skipped over to me and looped his arm around mine. I giggled as we skipped to the entrance of the building. Zane opened the door and stepped to the side, bowing his head motioning me to go inside.

"M'lady. The queen always goes first." I walked inside and my mind couldn't stop being blown. The high ceilings and warm glowing chandeliers set the mood of the casino. The light scent of cigarette smoke and expensive perfume made me smile.

In this moment, I couldn't have been more comfortable and happy.

"It's beautiful right?" David said next to me. I looked at him and I smiled, nodding my head. "I knew Las Vegas was nice, but this is beautiful." I said in aww.

David grabbed my hand and started leading me to the front desk.

The action caught me by surprise, never the less I walked with him anyway. Standing in front of the front desk, David asked to check in. I brought my phone out and went to my Instagram story. Doing a quick boomerang of the front of the lobby, I captioned it "Vegas with the squad!" And posted it to my story.

I shoved my phone back into my pocket and looked at the lady at the front desk. She was visibly flirting with David, hardcore. Making eyes at him and laughing at everything he says. At one point, she actually touches his arm as he makes a joke that isn't even funny.

She glanced and me and smirked, noticing it was bothering me. She handed him the key cards to the rooms, slightly brushing her hand with his purposely. I grabbed his hand and pulled him towards me.

"Come on babe, I wanna see the rooms!" I said.

Her eyes widened a little and I looked at her and waved. David and I walked to the elevators. When he pushed the button to go up, he put his arm over my shoulder and pulled me closer.

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