Part 7

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My new companion and I had begun to set out through Route 102 for Petalburg City, where my father would be waiting for me at his gym. I had always dreamed of a day where I would face him inside of that gorgeously built gym. Even now it seems an unrealistic goal.

What's my problem?

I'm always putting myself down. Even after beating myself up, I feel much worse than before.

So quit it.

Before I can mentally scold myself for much longer, I hear a rustle up ahead of me. The woods in this route are quite open, so I should have had no problem spotting where the sound came from. Why was I so interested in the origin of this sound anyway?

Mudkip also seemed to notice the disturbance in the forest, because without a warning he wriggled from my grasp and bolted toward the source.

I had no choice to chase after him, as he ran full-speed away from me. I would slip on a wet patch of grass every time I tried to lunge for him. He eventually came to a stop in front of a frail looking boy.

The boy seemed to be startled by the little pokemon waving its tail fin in front of him, and took a few short and quick steps backward.

At this point, I had caught up to the little rascal now and hunched over to catch my breath. A meek voice interrupting my gasps for breath with a cracked, "Pardon."

He continued, "This is your pokemon, right?"

I hastily stood up straight and nodded my head. Then I motioned my right hand palm towards my lips with the sign for "A".


The boy seemed to understand because his response was to frantically sign to me what I believe to be apologies too quickly for my to pick up.

I put my hands out in front of me, palms facing him. I wanted him to calm down. He seemed to get the message and put his hands around a satchel that was slung across his shoulders. What a terribly thin form he had. He was about a head smaller than me and his skin was sickly pale. His face was covered in freckles that lead toward a wild head of tea green hair that stuck out in clumps in different directions. His eyes were a pale blue, and shaped as if to say 'pity me'. He had and elvish nose that pointed upward. He was also dressed pretty snuggly, with a pale blue cotton sweater, buttoned all the way up.

"I'm looking to catch a pokemon myself," he said while signing at the same time. He then reached into his satchel and pulled out a pokeball smaller than ones I see in stores. It also had a name painted on its top in blue cursive: Wally

I, with my limited signing skills asked if the name on the pokeball was his.

"Oh, y-yeah, my uncle sent this to me from Verdanturf since I'll be going there to live with him and my aunt," he looked down at Mudkip who had gotten bored and begun to take a nap in the grass warmed my the hot sun.

He then asked very meekly if I could help him catch a pokemon, mentioning he was slightly afraid to do so on his own.

It would be heartless of me to say no, right?​​​​​​​

I nodded, this time I made note to smile. I wanted to ease his nerves. The pokemon he would catch could be his lifetime partner and friend and if he was shaking and rattling so, a pokemon might not even show up.

I then noticed he was very much shaking, not from fear I imagine, but maybe from trying to hold in coughs. His chest was shivering and almost violently shaking. He rasped out for me to spot him while he walked into the tall grass where most pokemon abided.

I motioned my hands in a shooing motion so he would walk further into the grass. His eyes drifted from my hands to the now rustling grass. He let out an "eep" as a small white pokemon with a green crown and pink guitar picked shaped horns lept at him.

Wally stumbled backward and dropped the pokeball in his hands, I was about to interfere just when the said pokemon tripped and fell on the pokeball's button, opening it up and catching the small pokemon with a soft 'click'.

Wally then scooped the ball up quickly and examined it carefully and gently, as if not to harm the creature inside.

"I-I think I did it," he said almost inaudibly. He then turned to me with a bright smile coating his features, his forehead was now dusted pink. He would have said more if he hadn't started to violently cough into his arm, I then took initiative and drove him out of the tall grass.

His coughing had begun to die down and even after it did, even with saliva now coating his chin he was beaming at me. I'm not even sure I really had anything to do with that capture, but he was very pleased so I decided not to point out how little I had to do with it.

Now he, Mudkip and I had begun to make a trip to Petalburg, where I needed to be. He talked very little, and when he did it was soft and quiet words of praise toward me and hums when the pokeball in his hand would bob up and down when Wally would look intently at it. As we were walking I decided to ask him questions of my own.

I put the back of my hand on his chest and stopped walking. I wanted him to stop walking too. He did, and then I clumsily signed why he had learned sign language.

His cheeks darkened and he looked bashful and shy in that moment, "W-well, my cousin is deaf and since I would go to visit her often, I wanted to make an effort to have conversations with her. So I had her teach me sign language, I guess..."

He also added on that she also lived in Verdanturf, so he hoped he would be able to see her again sometime.

The conversation ended there and we continued walking. Before I knew it we were in Petalburg. I wouldn't have known otherwise if I didn't hear the all-too-familiar, "May, there's my princess!" Of my father.


I know in the games, this isn't how you meet Wally, but I thought I would have more fun focusing on Wally this chapter, and focusing on May's dad in the next \|  ̄ヘ ̄|/​​​​​​​

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