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IT WAS silent in her room for a moment, only the two teenagers staring at each other, both in shock. Though Charlotte had more of a reason to be.

"What are you doing in my room?" The redhead hissed and picked up the book closest to her, her hardcover calculus textbook. She held it aloft with her hands and Daniel held his hands up, backing up and stumbling over the edge of the rug she had.

"Shit, red! I didn't think anyone was home!" Daniel defended and Charlotte lowered the textbook, confusion on her face, and clearly it showed. "The light was off!"

"That doesn't mean you can just climb into someone's house!" Charlotte exclaimed and held the textbook up again, whacking his arm with it. He let out a quick yelp and moved again, now ending up in front of her door. "And it's one, you could've jumped in on someone sleeping!"

"Geez, Knight! You've got an arm on you!" He said and turned, racing out of her room and down the stairs. Thankfully there was no one else home, so only the sound of his sneakers on the stairwell filled the home.

Charlotte stood there in disbelief for a moment before running after him, tossing the textbook on her bed. She went up behind him and grabbed his arm, forcefully turning him around.

"Oh no, Seavey, you aren't getting away from me without an explanation." She stated, blatantly shaking her head while quickly glancing him up and down.

"You know who I am?" Daniel questioned, a smirk tugging at his lips with an air of smugness to it.

Charlotte rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest. "Not by choice." She mumbled and crossed her arms over her chest. She looked down at his bare, admittedly toned, chest and cocked her head to the side, pursing her lips together as she looked back up at his face. "Answers, now. Starting with why you climbed shirtless through my window at one in the morning." Now, Charlotte was not usually this confrontational by any means and had this been any other night, she probably wouldn't have been. She currently blamed the sugar in her system and the sudden confidence she got when she was able to hit him with a book.

"I don't have to answer to you." Daniel responded, a frown on his face as he put his hands in his pockets.

She blinked a few times and shrugged her shoulders, reaching for the landline on the counter (yes they still had a landline, her father had it in case she needed to call someone when she was little and they never bothered to cancel it). "Fine, I'll just call my dad."

Daniel's eyes widened and he moved forward, covering the phone with his hands. "Okay, okay! I'll tell you. Just don't call the cops, please." It came out as a plea so Charlotte gave in and put the phone down. Plus, she was curious.

"Look, I was at a party and let's just say I got in a confrontation with a guy there." He said and held his hands up before putting them together. "And didn't have time to get everything in order before running out of there. Actually he might still be..."" His voice faded off and he leaned back, peering out of the kitchen window. He turned back to her and she was still looking at him in disbelief. "And yeah, I know who you are. Everyone knows Officer Knight's daughter, and doesn't help that you're known well around the school."

Charlotte blinked a few times at his words, frowning. "I wouldn't say... whatever." She shook her head and uncrossed her arms, immediately undoing it and glancing around the living room. She picked her sweater up from the couch, silently thankful she forgot to bring it upstairs earlier. "Okay, I got my answers. Now get out of my house." She said and pulled the sweater over her head and down her torso.

There was a smirk on Daniel's face as he turned back around, sauntering over to her and smoothly putting his hands in his pockets. "Come on, red. You can't tell me you don't like having me here." He chuckled smoothly, lifting his gaze from the ground.

Charlotte pursed her lips and leaned back, glancing him up and down for a moment. "Zip up your hoodie." She said and took a step back. "Now get out of my house."

He held his hands up and turned around, walking out the door with her following after. He turned back around, smirking again. Charlotte was getting a bit sick of it.

"Nice talking to you, red." Daniel leaned his arm against the doorway. That stupid hoodie was still undone. "I'll see you at school tomorrow?"

Charlotte rolled her eyes again and put her hand on the door. "Goodnight, Seavey." She said and shut the door, turning around and shutting her eyes. She took her sweater off and tossed it aside, heading back upstairs to her room.

With any luck, she wouldn't have to think of this night ever again.

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