Choosing Ceremony; 2 years later: Tris's P.O.V.

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I of course picked Dauntless. So did Uriah, darn it. We jump on the train. Uri and I half attempt to shove each other out. The Candor girl catches us. "Whatcha doin?"

"Attempting to shove each other out of the train, duh."

"My name's Christina."

"I'm Tris and this pain in the butt is Uriah."

"Zombies are better."

"No way! It's soo unicorns!"

"Zombies, Trissy Poo!"

"Unicorns, Uriahcorn." I so won. We jump to the roof and I shove Uriah into the net at the bottom of the house. "I'll get you Trissy Poo!" he screams as he flies down.

"Sure Uriahcorn!" I scream back and jump. A few others follow and Four finds us. "Dauntless-born with Lauren, Transfers with me." Four says. Uri and I stay put. "What now?"

"We want to take the tour!" Uriah screams.

"Fine. Just shut-up the whole way, ok?"

"Ok!" we make sure to scream to piss him off.

"Bye Four! We're gonna go get lunch!" Uri yells when we get to the pit. We bump into each other purposely as we sprint to the diner. "Where were you two?" Zeke asks.

"On tour." I say.

"Okay." He sighs. Just then Christina sits by me. "Why'd you ditch me with her?"

"So that, actually I don't know why." He does a face palm. "Oh Uriahcorn!" He looks up and I shove Dauntless cake in his face, "Too bad it was a waste." I say, then I lean over wipe some off his forehead and eat it. "Eww!" Christina squeals. Zeke and Four copy me. "Definitely a waste." Zeke says. Then I jump up for no reason. "Come on, Uri."


"I dunno."

"Truth or dare at my apartment tonight." Zeke says and we just up and run, God knows where, we ended up at the training room. Four scared the crap out of us and we screamed. "What is it with you two?"

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