Chapter 12

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"What?" He asks.

"I just... I can't believe there are other organisms out there and not just us..."

"From ear-th?"

"Earth" I correct.

"Right" he said, looking like he was taking a mental note.

"So... why are we here and not with the rest of your people?"

"They believe you are a bad person."

Bad person? Me? Psh.

"Well... why don't we show them I'm not?"

"Because they will try to hurt you." He responds, looking away.

What a welcoming community.

"Follow me" he says gesturing outside the cave.

We walk around the woods for a little while, with him showing me around the forests, its not as scary when I'm next to him.

I learned from Arden that all of the plants here hold souls, and those souls are trapped within them, well, more like being protected.

Every second i was with him I learned something new about this strange mysterious planet.

We walk for a while longer when he grabs my arm and tugs me behind a bush.

"Sh" he whispered.

I become weary until he moves my head in the direction he was looking.

The creature i had seen before, was gracefully walking through the forest.


"Gala... gon?" I repeat confused.

"The spirit guider, he takes lost spirits and finds the true place they are longing to go" he says looking into my eyes.

"I saw that thing the other night, it was looking straight at me" I say looking over to it.

Arden stares at me in shock.

"What?" I ask.

"The Galagon is not one to walk over to anyone" he says in disbelief.

"Huh" I say.

I wonder why it would walk over to me though. Maybe because I'm not from here?

"Come on, lets keep going"

Hey guys! I'm sorry it took so long to update, I've been super busy with school. But I should be updating more often now :P

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