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Author's Note:

I'm going to be switching to third person as I find it easier!

All of A-troupe had just woken up and Emily and Noah were going around to knock on the troupe's doors to make sure they're awake.

"Morning." Jacquie said, yawning

"MORNING!" Richelle shouted back enthusiastically

"God, I'm so tired..." Jacquie said, having a yawning fit

"WHAT? I WOKE UP A WHOLE 3 HOURS AGO!" Richelle shouted

"At 7?" Jacquie questioned

"YEAH!"Richelle said

"For me, that's the middle of the night." Jacquie told her

"C'mon, lets go down for breakfast" Richelle said, and with that they walked downstairs to the hotel's restaurant

After Breakfast:

Everyone, you have a day to relax!" Emily told them and all of A-troupe cheered loudly, happy for a day to do absolutely nothing

"Hold up! You're not doing nothing while we are here, you're all gonna go to the Museum of Vancouver!" Emily exclaimed and all of A-troupe sighed

"I knew it was too good to be true." Henry said to Liam

"Well, what did you think you were going to be doing?" Emily questioned

"Hanging around by the pool, relaxing, talking and going on our phones." Henry said

"With Emily? As if!" Noah said and Emily playfully hit him

"Everyone, put your phones in here!" Emily said pointing to a plastic wallet

"Wha.. why?" Ozzy said, who was really attached to his phone

"I know what teenagers are like. I was one. I know what you'll just walk around, on your phones, not looking at any of the artifacts and talking to each other - it will be really good for you to bond as a team before Nationals!" Emily told them

"That's probably true." Kingston said

"Exactly! Phones in here now!" Emily ordered and all of the troupe put their phones In the wallet, apart from Ozzy who was slowly walking up to Emily, kissing and stroking his phone

"I'm gonna miss you Chuck! You're my best friend who can't talk back - but I know you're just quiet. I'll see you soon Chucky, my boy!" Ozzy exclaimed and he slowly dropped his iPhone in the wallet. Ozzy stood there, crying out "Chuck" for a few minutes, whilst the rest of the troupe laughed at him

"Ozzy, you can see your phone in a few hours. Stop being so melodramatic!" Noah said and with that they all got onto the coach and drove to the Museum of Vancouver

At the museum:

"I need to talk to Noah about Nationals stuff, all of you go ahead and we'll catch you up!" Emily told the troupe and they all went ahead

There was one blonde girl, standing with a boy with brownish hair, staring at Emily, not letting her go out of her sight

"MICHELLE!" Emily said, making eye contact with her and the blonde girl ran over to her and they hugged

"So how have you been?" Michelle asked, pulling away from the hug

"Well... there's something I have to tell you..." Emily said, looking at Michelle's concerned face

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