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A week passed since the four had been left. Everyone had a great time together, they did not doubt that it would be repeated. Lexi and Michael had not been able to be together since then, because Michael had come to work. Also when he could, he would make a short visit, just to be able to see her and be with her no matter what, and he would call every night as usual ... The phone rang, Michael tired of going from one place to another , he answered his call. He was his representative, calling to inform him that he would have another interview at night on a television program. It had been a busy week, but the weekend was coming so I could soon rest a little. The afternoon arrived, and it was not long before Michael was on his way to his interview. He always got nervous because of the questions you could ask him. He was quite shy ... He was already in his interview. They asked him questions about him, his work, but what struck him most was when they asked him about his personal life. He was a somewhat shy and shameful person, and more so if it was about those kinds of subjects that were included in his interviews. They asked him a question that made him a little nervous; if there was someone special in his life. Just listening to the question had already turned completely flushed. The first thing that came to mind was Lexi, so he could not help but draw a mischievous smile on his face. He did say that maybe there was some important person in his life for a while, but he did not give many more details about it. When he left the interview, he went to his house, took a shower, and settled down in his room. He had the phone in hand ready to call his girlfriend, but before he dialed any number, they called. He answered and it was her, the girl of his thoughts. Lexi called to find out how the recent interviews had gone, she missed him a lot, she wanted to see him, to hug him ... He also missed her lips, the fact of being together in general. Michael was happy to hear that. He told him that he was doing well, but he was tired. And obviously I missed her a lot, it was very boring to spend the day without her by her side. They spent a while on the phone talking, until finally they were ready to hang up. Lexi almost went to sleep, and Michael would soon do the same, so wishing good night and sending a big kiss, they ended their call ... Lexi was in her room almost ready to sleep when Becca entered her room and He sat on the edge of his bed to talk. Lexi told him he had talked to Michael, and he missed him so much. I wanted the weekend to come so I could see it. His friend encouraged him by telling him that they were work things. The truth nothing that they have not lived previously ... Michael had finished to put to sleep. Everything was quite quiet and quiet. It was the time of the day, possibly the most comfortable one, when he slept, at least in the seasons in which he had to work so much. The next day, in the morning it did not take long to wake up. He did not wake up too early but he did not get up very late. It was a pretty sunny day. He went downstairs to prepare breakfast. While he was doing it, the house bell rang. He went to open it, maybe he was pleasantly surprised that it was his girlfriend, but unfortunately it was the opposite. There was Brooke again this time with a face that inspired a bit of sadness. Michael was a little fed up with this woman, but he was surprised to see her so crestfallen. He tried to be polite and ask what was wrong, and what he was doing there again. She tried to apologize for being so insistent all the previous days but, according to her, she was not going through a good time. Michael, who was a very good person, tried to comfort her, but from a distance, he did not trust. Brooke also wanted to convey her apologies to Lexi for her behavior, she felt quite embarrassed. That really surprised him. She never thought that at some point she might feel some kind of pity for Lexi. What Brooke claimed to torment him was the fact that he had hurt him so much sentimentally. He had not behaved very well precisely and did not know how to compensate. Brooke almost broke into tears, and Michael tried to calm her by hugging her. As expected, he took the opportunity to try to get close to his lips and kiss him, which he unfortunately achieved. But Michael separated her soon. She still loved him, claimed to love him and would not give up until she had him again. Nor that he was an object. He immediately demanded that she leave his house, and she with her head held high went away. Michael already had another problem, how to explain what happened to Lexi, obviously he was not going to hide it. This girl appears only to give problems, the worst thing is that when she leaves, she always comes back ...

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