121| Two-faced

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Clean strings,
Phones ring,
I drown myself in a pool of innocence,
My ears don't bless your voice,
By hearing your choice,
Can't we just go back to defense?

Every step you take,
Two clicks it makes,
More double faced than the coins you shake,
Tongue twisted into two,
Like snakes in ivy fumes,
With every word you say, I forget about you,

One side blue and the other one red,
Kindly wash all my wounds you have bled,
And the coins you left in the rusted jar, I said,
"Your double standards are too much for me,
How crowds call you angels when you sin on repeat,
Since you wear a shroud of hypocrisy"

Noses clean,
Blank screens,
How far would you go lying to me?
I'm a doll,
Haunted halls,
I have teeth biting away your wall

Tell me with your twinning faces,
How you reached so many places,
In my head, like you know what my bloodline traces,
Blindfolded I've been taken to your door,
Tied to your bedlam of quiet uproar,
And I met you finally in the pile of your chores.

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