The Path Continues

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          Neyca laughed at their terrified screams. She pulled them to fall on their stomachs, slowing their descent.

         "Use your powers!" she yelled.

         "What?" they screamed back, the wind blasting in their ears.

         "Make the water a slide!"

         "How is that going to help?" Ezlyn asked incredulously. "We'll just fall through if it's not thick enough!"

         "We're too close to the ground for you to debate if it works or not! Just do it!"

         Ezlyn shook her head and concentrated to bring it up to encompass them as a slope of more water made its way to the ground.

         They fell even slower, slightly taking the path of the water.

         "Put up walls!" Viveca shouted, an idea of how to save them coming to her head.

         Ezlyn did as she said. Viveca froze all of it, making a hard and cold slide for them to go down.

         They weren't expecting that suddenly stopping would knock the breath from their lungs. In a disoriented blur of limbs, they tumbled down the slide in a chorus of grunts and groans. One after the other, they piled on top of each other as they landed on the ground.

         "Well," Neyca huffed from under them "We survived."

         Ezlyn rolled off of Viveca and hit the ground with a small thud, "Not as undamaged as I would have liked though."

         "If we ever have to go down a cliff again, Neyca's advice is invalid," Viveca groaned as she got up.

         She pouted as she stood, dusting off her cloak and shaking twigs out of her hair. "I was just trying to help! If it didn't go as expected you still would have been fine, I wouldn't throw us off a cliff without knowing for a fact we'd survive."

         "I'm not particularly mad, I was just terrified that I was going to die!" Viveca reprimanded.

         Neyca grimaced and stuck the nail of her thumb between her teeth, "I guess maybe I should have been a bit more reassuring."

        They shook their heads at her behavior but smiled.

         "Whatever, let's just get going. The town could be anywhere along the river so let's try to get there before sundown. Go ahead and start walking, I need to get rid of the ice."

         Ezlyn and Neyca began their travel, going slowly until Viveca caught up. Once she jogged to their side they picked up the pace.

         The scenery around them was beautiful. The sound of the water moving beside them provided a smooth background to the symphony of birds, cicadas, and other forest creatures. A slightly clear path made it easy to travel through the overgrowth of bushes and ferns. Soon, rays of sunshine peeked between the trees, letting them know that the edge of the forest was approaching.

         Once they made it to a clearing in the trees they stretched their arms out wide. The tight space they had to walk in the forest was a bit cramping, they wouldn't complain though, because they could finally see the town they were seeking.

         They felt much brighter about walking now that they were there and immediately made their way through it.

         It was bustling with people, shouts coming in all directions about selling something. The marketplace seemed to be right at the edge of the town, which would make sense considering the path for travelers ran throughout the town.

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