Chapter Eleven

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I walk back out of the kitchen, roast chicken and vegetables in hand. The boys are sitting in silence on opposite ends of the table, staring into nothing. I clear my throat and they both look up at me Nate stands up and grabs the roast chicken out of my hand with a smile and places it on the table as I place the vegetables down next to the chicken. Shaun glares at him and begins to serve himself in silence.

As we're eating, neither of them say a word or start a conversation.

"So Nate, what do you do in the air force?" Is the first thing that comes to my mind. Shaun looks at him.

"Air Force? Hmm, saw that one coming," Shaun says under his breath. I give him a glare that warned him to stop, he shrugs his shoulders instead. Nate looks at him then back at me.

"Um well I'm a commanding officer which means I have a squad like team that fly in planes and I command them from the offices," Shaun replies as calmly as possible.

"Ha so you're just the coward standing behind your squad?" Shaun smirks.

I drop my fork at Shaun's persistance to make Nate looks like an idiot and give him another glare. He just shakes his head at me, smirks and continues to eat.

"Sometimes, I like to get out into the field and fly as well, it helps take my mind off of things," he mumbles while using his fork to push vegetables around on his plate.

"What made you want to join the air force?" I ask curiously, taking a sip from my drink. Shaun rolls his eyes and stands up, walks into the kitchen and comes back with another beer in his hand, his fourth one for the night. He shouldn't be drinking so much. Shaun drunk never ends well.

"My dad. He was a General until he uh passed away about a year ago," he looks down at his plate and puts his fork down.

"I'm so sorry," I say quickly before I ruin this night. He shakes his head.

"It's okay," he says, looking up at me, smiling a weak smile. Shaun yet again glares at Nate and places his hand on my thigh, sending shivers down my spine. The gesture was cute but I knew that he was doing it to make Nate uncomfortable.

We sit and chat for a few more minutes until we're all finished dinner, Shaun's hand still lays on my thigh, rubbing small circles with his thumb. I stand up and reach for Shaun's plate but a hand wraps around my wrist to stop me. Nate's eyes look into mine.

"Allow me," he reaches for Shaun's plate and collects mine and his as well before walking off into the kitchen. Shaun scowls at him once again and grabs the chicken and vegetables before telling me to go relax on the lounge and I nod. I sit down on the lounge and rub my growing stomach slowly. I think this could work. If Shaun controls his anger and actually tried to get along with Nate then they could be great friends but Shaun has to be the bigger guy and some reason hasn't liked Nate since the first time he met him.

Stuck in thought, a loud crash from the kitchen breaks my train of thought. I rush into the kitchen to see a glass bowl smashed into a thousand pieces on the ground and Shaun gripping onto Nate's shirt threateningly. Neither of them realise that I'm standing in the doorway until I say something.

"What the hell is going on?" I yell. They both look at me, shocked looks on their faces.

"Let go of him Shaun!" I yell again, striding towards them and ripping Shaun's grip off of Nate's shirt. I look between the two of them in question, hoping one of them will tell me what this is about. Neither of them do.

"Stay away from her, she's mine," Shaun hisses before storming out of the kitchen and into the living room. Nate straightens his shirt out before turning around and turning the tap on to wash the dishes. I look around for someone to say something but Nate says nothing, only continues to wash dishes.

"Nate, stop." I touch his arm and he shrugs my hand off and turns around, "what was that about?" He shakes his head at me and says nothing yet again but looking down at his shoes.

"You two are ridiculous, you know that right? Why can't you just get along? My boyfriend and my best friend," I sigh. Nate looks lower than before, a frown on his face.

"Thanks for dinner Brook, but I should go," Nate mumbles.

"But it's not even 8 o'clock yet," I try to reason with him.

"I should go," he repeats and walks up to me, kisses me on the cheek and leaves the kitchen. I hear the front door shut and know that that was the end of the long night. 

Hey guys, let me know who you think Brook is better off with or what you think of the story so far. Is there anything you guys would like to read or would love to see happen in the story? Let me know! Happy reading!

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