🌳Chapter One🌳

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(Don't play the song yet and remember they speak in a British accent)

Madeline POV
I Woke up bye the sunlight shining in my face. I groan and rolled out of my bed and grab my towel then went outside and went to the nearest waterfall. I after i find it I  took off my nightgown and went step in the water and and shiver 'god it cold' but i still got in and wash my body and hair. Once i was done I got out and warp myself with the towel. I went back in my little Cottage and got dressed into one of my mother's dress.

Then i grab my bow and my arrows

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Then i grab my bow and my arrows. then i grab my father old sword in it's holder. And put around my Waist. And then put on my boot and Left. I Walked into I saw the village i steal from and I smiled. I put the hood over my head and walked into the village.

Meraud POV

As I walked down the halls of the castle with my mother talking about how I soon be king, I looked at the painting of my family.

Queen Elinor: "Meraud Are you listening to me?" I turn my head toward her.

Meraud: "Huh?" she groans and slap the back of my head "Oww what was that for eh?" I rub the back of my head.

Queen Elinor: "You must get married before you become king." I looked at her in shocked then burst into laughter.

Meraud: "Hahahaha You got to be joke'n" but when i looked on her face I know she wasn't Joke'n "No no no no no no I am not getting married!" But then she grab my ear and pull on it

Queen Elinor: "Don't you dare raise your voice at me again young man" she let go of my ear "You Get to pick the Challenge how to choose you wife Tomorrow" She walked away. I can't believe her; I went outside the castle, to take a walk and blow off some steam into I heard screaming
and the a girl in a blue dress with a hood over her head pass by me. Then a man came in sight

Man: "STOP HER!" I nod and ran after her. Once  I got closer to her I grab her wrist and pulled to my chest. I can feel her breath on my chest. I pulled her Hood off. She had Beautiful Brown skin, and Curly hair and Eyes but just a bit lighter. She looked deep in my eyes and smirk Mischievously. She pulled my hand and lead my to a band on the street and she gave them a few coins and whisper in their ears. Then they started to play the music ( play the song now) she got top of a box and started to tap her feet and started to sing

There will come a soldier
Who carries a mighty sword
He will tear your city down, o lei o lai o lord
O lei, o lai, o lei, o lord
He will tear your city down, o lei o lai o lord

people started to coward around her and listen to her sing and they started to sing along with her

There will come a poet
Whose weapon is his word
He will slay you with his tongue, o lei o lai o lord
O lei, o lai, o lei, o lord
He will slay you with his tongue, o lei o lai o lord

She jumped off and took my hand and raised in the air and started to dance with me. and let me go and went in the coward

There will come a ruler
Whose brow is laid in thorn
Smeared with oil like David's boy, o lei o lai o lord
O lei, o lai, o lei, o lord
Smeared with oil like David's boy, o lei o lai o lord
O lei, o lai, o lei, o lord
He will tear your city down, o lei o lai

Everybody started to dance and the girl is dancing her way of out the coward. I tried to get past people but they just take me by my hands and dance with me. she looked back at me and smiled at me then wink.

Madeline POV

After I Left the coward. I went straight to my bestie friend ,Lola,house. Lola and her family have been my family even since my real family die of an illness. Once I got up to the little house, I knocked on the door I saw my best friends,Michael, answer the door.

3rd POV

Madeline: "well isn't me little lover boy!" Michael smiles and allowed her into the house. Once she walked in the house Madeline was tackled in hug by Lola.

Lola: "Well isn't it me lil sister"
she laugh as Madeline pouted. Michael role his eyes and came towards Them.

Michael: " anyways what are we doing today?" Madeline shrug her shoulders.

Madeline: "How about we just walk around the village?"Then Richard, Lola father, came out of the kitchen.

Richard: "what NO Adventure ?!" three teenagers their shrug, he just groans.

Pandora: "EVEN IF THEY HAD AN ADVENTURE YOU WOULDN'T GO BECAUSE WE ALL REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED LAST TIME!" Lola mother shout out from the kitchen. Richard blushed and turned to them.

Richard: "Don't say nothin'" The three teenagers turned their body in different directions.

Michael started to whistle.

Lola looked around her surroundings.

Madeline Hummed Soldier, Poet, King.

Richard: "good"

Lola: "Richard leave them alone , Kids get goin' and make sure you're home before dinner. That includes You Michael and Madeline."

Lola, Michael & Madeline: "Ok" They left the house then they burst into laughter.

Lola: "what was he think-in!"

Madeline: "hahaha yeah the way how he fall out of the tree"

Michael: "Never gets old" their laughter die down as the walked though the Village, while talking about their previous Adventures. Into....

Meraud: " excuse me miss!" Madeline turned around to see Meraud.

Madeline: "Oh no" Lola and Michael turned around to Meraud coming towards them.

Lola: "Is that Prince meraud?" She Asked, Michael Nods

Madeline: "Prince or not, let's go!" she grab their hand and ran towards the woods.

Meraud POV
As I ran though tryin to find the girl, I saw Something little and blue. It looked like a whisps. I followed it half way and turn because it was getting it was dark. so I went straight home.

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