Without further teasing he pulled himself upwards binding our hips together as he slammed into me with as much force as he could “This is going to be a rough ride baby!” as he said that I felt my walls tighten around his enlarged member as he pulled out as continuously pounded into me. After the first couple slams I met his pace until I felt my orgasm nearing, as I released I felt him releasing in me.

Brody collapsed on my petite frame as we both tried to regain a steady breathing pace I said “This is the last time you cum in me!”

“Alex honey your mines, when we have sex if a baby comes out of it that’s even better,” he said as he untied my hands. “Are you insane a baby now, no way, I mean after collage that’s fine!”

“Fine I guess I’ll just have to wait four years until you can give me babies, but as of now I get to do what I want with you for the rest of the afternoon deal?”

Kids? He wanted kids from me? Wasn’t this just a summer fling to us both, I mean I couldn’t deny that I was getting attached to him. Did that mean he saw a future with me? Oh silly Alex it’s just not possible you’re going to London for four years for collage no guy is willing to wait so long. Hold on a second Guerra you’re not in love with him are you?

Immediately pulled from my thoughts by Brody crashing his soft lips onto mines as he marked his territory and began round two.

After two hours of indulging in the most intense pleasure anyone could ever give to me I needed another shower and a nap. I pulled the thin white sheet of us and covered myself to make my way to shower, “Hey I guess today I your lucky day, I’d like to share my shower with you!”. The moment the words left my mouth he was of the bed in generous strides towards me with his erection literally looking at me “Alex!” lost in my thoughts of how that fitted in me I replied “Huh?”

 “Take a picture babe, it’ll last longer,” he said as he swung me over his shoulders and marched to shower, ugh back to his barbaric behaviour I mentally shrugged.

He gently placed me down and slowly removed the sheet of me leaving me completely naked, he took a step back to properly observe me, making me feel a bit self-conscious I bent my head as I knew my cheeks were flushed pink…actually red with embarrassment.

 “Look at me Alex don’t be embarrassed you are beautiful and I’m proud you’re mines!” as we entered the shower it took him no time to begin ravishing my mouth as he pushed me against the wall and jolted my waist upwards to him as I hooked my legs around his waist. One of his hand supporting my weight and the other tangled in my hair as my hands were in his.

Instantaneously, he smashed into my “Oh Alex! This here is mines! No one else is allowed here!” he said possessively as he moved in and out continuously. As we once again found our release, we quickly showered and got dressed as his mother was soon to be home.

Just as we got dressed and made our way downstairs Brenda made her way in “Afternoon mom” Brody said kissing her on the cheek, as he moved back he noticed he glum expression. “Mom what’s wrong?” he asked. “We’ve got a little situation on it’s way and there no way I can stop it now.”

“What situation do you speak of mom?” Brody asked with a curious expression. “Actually Sarah called to say she’s going to be staying here until she finds and apartment, apparently Jeremy and her split up so she moved out.”

“Oh no!” I thought out loud. “It’s okay honey I know Sarah and you have your personal differences but maybe this can be the chance to fix that,” Brenda said.

“Personal differences? She just simply hates my guts for reasons that are yet to be discovered!!” I exclaimed.

“Relax Alex, we both know Sarah can be over bearing at times but its something you’re to have to deal with for the next couple off weeks until collage,” he said in his attempt to calm me.

“So what time is she expected?” I asked

“In about fifteen minutes”, before I could respond “Mom!!!! I’m home !” more like fifteen seconds I thought.

The moment she entered the living room her eyes of course automatically fell on me “Ugh what’s she doing here?”

Hi everyone so Sarah is back in the picture, if you all don’t remember she’s Brody’s bitchy sister, and of course she’s here to stir some trouble, I hope you all and enjoying make sure to vote and comment. My updates will be slow as school is in progress once again and it being my last year of high school time is of the essence !! so enjoy !!!!

 Also Nick Bateman is whom i've casted for Brody 

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