Chapter Nine

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Chapter 9

The anticipation and nervousness of the results had my palms all sweaty, there I was a complete wreck praying that I wasn’t pregnant, heck I was too young and yet Brody seemed so excited.

“So Ms. Alex according to your pregnancy test you are not pregnant!” the moment those words left m doctor’s mouth my entire mood lighten and the frowns between my eyebrows were gone.

“Oh thank god!! But then why am I vomiting?” I asked.

“Well my suspicions were either you’re pregnant or its just symptoms of the stomach flu, and clearly you’re not pregnant so it must be a stomach flu. I’ll write you up a prescription and have the medication delivered here.”

As Brody escorted the doctor out I made my way to our bedroom I could finally take a peaceful nap after the moment of stress which might I add felt like a lifetime of waiting for that result. I must have died a thousand times inside with the fear of becoming a mother at 18.

I took a quick shower and slipped into one of Brody’s t-shirts and headed off to bed. As my heavy eyelids permitted me the feeling of overdue rest I heard the door open, as I fought to open my eyes in swift steps Brody appeared before “I think we should celebrate you not being pregnant don’t you think babe?”

“Brody we’ve got to be safer thank god I’ve got a diaphragm in place or else those results would’ve been positive!” I said as a yawn escaped. “Oh not you’re not sleeping now I intend to send you crazy this afternoon until my mother reaches back!!”

He swiftly claimed my mouth in the most barbaric manner and I won’t deny that this actually turned me on as he gently pushed my hair to the back so he could bury his face into my neck.  He raised off me to strip off his clothes and quickly dipped back down hovering over me, “The sight of you in my clothing turns me on every time, feel what you do to me Alex!!” as he laid himself on me pressing his enlarged bulge against my entrance. Just the mere touch of him made me want to crumble beneath him as I began squirming brush against him “Please Brody take me… take me now!!” I exclaimed.

“Patience babe I’m going to test your abilities today, don’t move or else I’ll make you wait for it.”

I just felt my t-shirt being removed and here I was left alone in my underwear. He held my hands above my head and bounded it with the t-shirt I was wearing. “Now Alex I’m going to take my time making love to you and what adds to your pleasure is the fact that you can’t touch me!” he slowly began trailing kisses along my neckline and made his way down , as he started devouring my breast he tugged at my now erected nipple causing me to moan at the pleasure.

“Stop moving Alex or I’ll have to start all over again,” he threatened but as he moved further down sucking and nipping every inch of my stomach I began more and more moist and impatient for his arrival which seem to be taking forever.

“Brody please I’m losing it here just take me now please!” I whined under him craving him inside me suddenly, the lace of my underwear were literally torn off me as he planted a soft kiss on the tip of my entrance. I could feel my orgasm coming, just the touch of him made me want to cum.

“Now Alex if you would just stop squirming so much I’ll give you what you want but, you just have to say the magic word!”

“Please Brody stop torturing me!! I need you!”

“Where do you need me Alex?”

Remembering that my hands were stilled tied above my head he began gently placing kisses along my inner thigh and started tracing his tongue against my skin. As his head came closer to my entrance he placed a kissed one that one aching spot as I moaned “Right there! I need you right there!”

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