Tainted Innocence

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Samantha Sumner was the definition of "sheltered." During her life, her parents have been babying and sheltering her eyes and ears from the outside world. If you were to ask her what the b-word or what the alternative meaning to a hot dog meant, she would literally believe that they meant "beautiful and a delicious carnival treat."

However, when her parents die in a fatal car accident, she's forced to move in with her older brother, Jason, where she's forced to go to a public school and meet strange new people.

Even though Jason continues to baby Samantha, her world suddenly turns upside down as she meets Jason's best friend, the alluring Isabelle Chase.

Isabelle Chase is vindictive, outgoing, and absolutely crazy when it comes to sex and partying. So, when she lays her eyes on the completely innocent Samantha Sumner, she can't help but play a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

However, falling deeper into a well of lies and toxicity, Samantha's innocence slowly dissolves as she learns how unfair the world can be to not only herself, but to the people that surround her everyday life.

A story of relationships, lust, deception, and a tad bit of awkwardness, follows the story of a carefree lesbian and a naive teen, ultimately leading to how each person can strongly affect another.

Warning explicit content inside do not read if offended by mature content!!

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