(Qynka) something about her value proposition

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The ModoSendo 415S whips around the corner and immediately comes to an utter, impeccable stop at the curb, the motor winding down to silence. Qynka emerges from the back, not running but also not slowing to shut the door. She storms up the sidewalk, the train of her powered blue -BByWing- dress dragging behind her. In the lobby of Aubrey Plaza she calls the elevator and waits and everything is taking too long, too long.

On the 8th floor she stands outside the door to what was her apartment only hours ago, her screen now refusing to let her in. "No please no," she says, softly at first, then building to a yell as her repeated attempts to unlock the door do nothing. She screams, slamming her hand against the door, then throwing her body against it, over and over again.

[(void)]: heyyyy

[(void)]: r u here

[(void)]: ai need yu

-I'm here, Qynka says. Tears of frustration mixing with tears of relief. I'm here.

-But I can't get inside, can you let me in?

[(void)]: oh ill let u in

[(void)]: come here

[(void)]: i'l let yu alllll th way in

[(void)]: were ar u

Qynka screams in frustration, kicking at the door again, again with no effect. Wondering what to do next she realizes she's hearing noises behind her- music, ethereal and jagged. She turns and sees a woman standing outside the open door to her apartment, cooly watching Qynka fling herself against the door.

Qynka doesn't recognize her. She's older. Makeup in a blue & red checkerboard pattern. The noises coming from her apartment are very eerie and aggravating. Outfit from Target.

Once the woman sees Qynka noticing her, she speaks. "Honey if you keep that up you're going to wrinkle your dress."

"I don't give a f*ck about this dress, I need to get in here," Qynka says, wishing the woman away.

"Oh forget it honey, they're long gone. Weren't you watching?" She waves half-heartedly towards her apartment as if to indicate the space where watching happens.

"Who's long gone? Do you know who used to live here?"

The woman nods. Hegemonia is her name, according to Qynka's screen. 90k followers. She is ancient, in her 30s. Used to do skin tricks. "Yes, sisters. Terrible. Awful. Did you see what happened to those poor Superfine girls? I enjoy them. You know I used to like Azelbeth the most but I think I'm really coming around on Anhedine. Idk. Something about her value proposition feels more honest, I guess." She trails off, lost on some tangent that is completely, annoyingly irrelevant to Qynka. She ignores the other offense by letting an idea come to her.

"Have you lived here a while?"

"Here at the Plaza? Oh goodness yes. 15, 16 seasons at least. I remember when I got this place Marfander and I celebrated with an Ursensi plate, that's the place that later became Tasteberry. They used to be over by the, the um," snapping her fingers.

"I have no idea what you're-"

"The Facelight." Snap. "People used to do the most amazing reactions there. Do you remember, Holectrix33 was their hostess. This was back before she met Febrezia and all that other stuff happened. The city was different then."

"I have no idea what any of that means. I'm asking do you remember who used to live here? In this apartment? Before the annoying sisters?"

She tilts her head to indicate Sort of yes sort of no. "Oh a lot of people."

Qynka inhales very deeply, fingernails in her palm. She turns away from the woman and places her hand on the door to 806 for a moment, willing the [(void)] to feel her presence on the other side. She kicks at the door one more time, then turns and walks back to the elevator.

"Check out that Arena Battle if you haven't," Hegemonia calls after her. "I saw this sweater on there that would look so good on you."

Qynka does not use the woman's head as a battering ram.

Outside Aubrey Plaza, Qynka's body is electricity with nowhere to ground. What should she do? She scans the building's wiki but it's too much information, too detailed. She could watch every episode of the building's entire show and hope to see something useful but how would she even know if she saw something useful. She's not even sure she can describe what the void looks like.

[(void)]: Whait did u go

[(void)]: I thot you were

-I can't get to you, Qynka says. Can you leave? How do I find you? What was your name?

[(void)]: Ai told you

[(void)]: my name is [——]

[(void)]: cummmm on back

"I don't know what to do," Qynka says, to her screen, to herself. "I want to see you but I can't get to you." She looks up, helplessly, at the zonnys watching her. There's one overhead. One perched on the fence along the walk that leads to the building. Two more crawling higher up along the side of the building.

She swipes her screen and sends a message to Jexxica. It's the first time she's talked to her in seasons but who cares. No reason to play games about it. Either Jexxica will help or she won't.

-I need to see you. Now. I'm coming over.

She starts walking without waiting for a response. As she gets farther and farther away from Aubrey Plaza the messages from the void become less and less distinct:

[(void)]: r u

[(void)]: ?

[(void)]: wait

[(void)]: no



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