1 "Last Minute"

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After all this bullshit related to the fake farm, I've decided to start a new life. I bought one of the most beautiful houses in Riverdale, near the town center and together with Betty we moved there.

However, I didn't know that the reality would be so overwhelming. I couldn't find myself. Awareness that for so many months I believed some fool that my son is alive was depressing. I was so stupid. 

"Betty, I think I need some rest," I said to my daughter. "I need to clear my thoughts. I've been thinking about some holiday. What do you think about it?" I asked.

After my daughter pulled me out of this stupid cult, I was introverted.

"I think it's a good idea." Betty smiled and hugged me. "I'm glad you're slowly getting better, mom"

"I'm also happy," I replied and kissed my daughter's forehead.

"Do you know where you want to go?"

"I was thinking about Greece. You know, a few days of rest. I'll be back as a newborn" I smiled slightly.

"Maybe you'll come back with a handsome Greek," Betty laughed, and I rolled my eyes.

"I'm done with men. I almost got married to a cheater, and I hoped for a relationship with a man who rejected me three times"

"FP Jones?" Betty asked, and I relized what I said.

I shouldn't say it loud. No one had the right to know about it.

"I ... Betty ... yes." I said sadly.

"You and Mr. Jones?"

"Yes, Betty, but it's the past. I don't want to have anything to do with him," I stroked my daughter's shoulders.

"He chose Gladys instead of you."

"Apparently he chose Gladys because of the family," I sat at the kitchen table.

"No, they don't need her," Betty said. The first time I saw her so pissed off. "It would be much better if Gladys disappeared from Riverdale. That's what we want to do," she added, and I looked at her.

"We? Who?" I asked.

"Me and Jughead, we want to get rid of Gladys, mom. She's dealing drugs. she wrapped FP around her finger. She's dangerous," Betty murmured.

"I think you shouldn't get involved in this"

"Mom, I'm doing it for Jughead"

"I understand." I got up and went to Betty. I stroked her cheek. "Whatever you do, I will support you, Betty," I whispered in tears.

"And I will support you,"

I kissed her on the cheek.

"Please, Betty, if FP were asking about me, don't tell him where I am," I whispered.

"I won't tell him." Betty smiled.

"I rather doubt that he will ask about me, but if sometimes ... then... You know"

"Don't worry, mom. I know what to do." Betty nodded.

"Thank you"

In the evening, when we were sitting in the living room, someone knocked on the door. It surprised me, because hardly anyone knew the address of our new home. Betty got up from the sofa and went to the door. She looked at me.

"It's FP," she whispered softly, and I opened my eyes wide. I got up from the sofa and went towards the kitchen.

"I'm not here, Betty." I said quietly. I was terrified that after all this I would have to meet him.

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