The break..

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I didn't know what to think I was broken because before I left Kate she told me that she used to cut but promised to never do it again and she broke her promise and it broke my heart to know that she forgot all about it and just done it.
Lily:oh didn't you tell him.
Kate:listen Daniel it is not what it seems like-
Daniel:and your promise?!??!!
Kate:no Daniel I-
Daniel grabbed my hand and ran with me to his house I thought he would hurt me but by the time we got home he sat down with me on his couch and cried together I said sorry a million times by now and Harley said that she doesn't want to talk about it know because she is pretty upset with me I feel like I let them down and I did I feel horrible I shouldn't have ever done that...
Daniel:Kate promise me you will never ever cut yourself again,ok
Kate:I promise.
Daniel:go talk with Harley.
Kate:ok I will be back now.
Harley:who is it?
Kate:it's me..
Kate:I wanted to talk
Harley:I don't think we have anything to talk about you know that I treat you like a sister and to find that out was horrible I will talk when I will be ready!!
Kate:ok I understand,but just know that I am very sorry.
I walk out of Harley's room and find Daniel I front of me.
Daniel:come downstairs!
Daniel:I think Harley is right to find out about that is very horrible and I think we need a break...
Kate:we only started dating..
Daniel:to soon for it to be true.
Kate:ok well I guess I'll go home..
Daniel:yeah I think that it is the best way if you go...
I slowly start tearing up as I walk to Daniel's room to get my stuff as I finish I look over to Harley's room to see her crying on her bed,I walk down the stairs and realise that Daniel is crying on the couch too. Woah I did really hurt them I feel so stupid I wish I never done anything like that.....

So sorry you guys I haven't updated in such a long time and we are almost at 10K and we just a week ago hit 6k I love you guys so so much I can't even believe that you are reading this mess 😂 anyway I will try and update every week if that is ok unless I am busy or I have a problem I might not update so hope you will carry on reading love yall 🤣❤️

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