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"What did you just say?" Remus asked, he let out a strained cough due to choking on his coffee before he placed the mug down onto the table, worried he'd drop it accidentally. 

Tonks gave Aurora a sympathetic look before the purple haired woman placed her small hand onto Remus' shoulder gently, "Remus," she muttered quietly to the man. His tired looking eyes moved from Aurora's nervous figure and he looked up at Tonks. Her eyes were soft as she gently nodded her head at him, "You're going to say yes aren't you."

Remus opened and closed his mouth like a goldfish, he looked back and forth between the two women before he rubbed his forehead, "I mean, I guess," Remus muttered, his eyes looking directly at Aurora, "If this is truly what you want," He added.

Aurora couldn't help but smile widely, she nodded her head, "It's everything I want," She confessed, "I'll come round every weekend to visit."

"Better get packing then," Remus simply said.

Aurora let out an excited squeal as she threw her arms around Remus' shoulder. He chuckled quietly before gently patting her back, the black haired girl quickly let go of her Godfather before she send a thankful smile to Tonks who smiled back at the young girl. She quickly manoeuvred out of the room and ran up the stairs to her room. 

She let out a content sigh as she looked around her room. She was thankful she didn't have too many things to pack, the last thing she would want now is to overrun the twin's flat with any useless belongings. Aurora knelt down to the floor, pressing her head down as she reached her arm under her bed and grabbed hold of a large suitcase she had used when she was moving from Grimmauld Place. She swiftly pulled it out and coughed at the dust it had gathered.

Placing the suitcase on the bed, she quickly unzipped it, letting out a content sigh when she noticed she still had some of her clothes in there. Moving over to her drawers she began to empty them out, placing her clothes neatly into the suitcase with the help of her wand. A small photo frame caught her eye and her smile dropped. She grabbed hold of it, tracing her fingers on the outlines of the people on the photograph. 

The photograph had been taken when Aurora moved into Grimmauld Place. It was taken with a magic camera and therefore the figures that stood side by side moved. A small tear escaped her eye as she watched her father's face light up with a large smile. It was the first photograph they have together which she remembers. Of course, there's photos of Sirius holding her as a baby, but she has no recollection of those memories. The photograph in her hand reminded her of her first day living with her father again; the happiest day of her life. 

The father and daughter decided to laze around for the majority of it, buying snacks and movies to watch as they caught up after the long thirteen years of being away from one another. Even though it was a simple day, it was one that Aurora would remember for the rest of her life.

A soft hand placed itself upon her shoulders startling her. She turned her head and saw Remus looking at her, sympathy in his eyes as he smiled. Aurora used the back of her hand to wipe the tears that escaped her eyes before she looked back up at her Godfather. Without thinking she threw her arms around his shoulders causing the man to stumble slightly before he regained his balance and wrapped his arms securely around her.

"He's so proud of you," Remus whispered in her hair, his hand rested in her black locks, "He always has been and he always will be."

The words caused Aurora's heart to tighten as more tears flooded her eyes. 

Tonks watched silently from the doorway, her heart tightening at the scene. She couldn't help but feel like it was her fault, she was the one fighting Bellatrix and if she didn't let her through Aurora would still have her father.

Aurora unhooked her arms from Remus, wiping her eyes on her sleeve before she looked up and noticed a sad looking Tonks, her hair seemed to be a dull bluey-grey, "It's not your fault," Aurora spoke quietly. Remus' head whipped around to the doorway as Tonks lifted her gaze from the floor to the black haired girl, "I know what you're thinking," Aurora said as she walked closer to Tonks, "I can see what you're thinking. Trust me, it isn't your fault. It's all Bellatrix."

Tonks throat tightened, she couldn't form any words as her eyes began to water. Aurora sent her a gentle smile before she wrapped her arms around the older woman, bringing her into a comforting hug. 

"I'm so sorry," Tonks cried out, her arms wrapping themselves around the younger girl, "I'm so so sorry."

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