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This House Belongs to Him

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The House that Belongs to Him

By HiryuGouki

"He's here." Said the forum post I had been reading on my desktop computer at 4:00 AM that morning. I wish I could say I was the smartest girl around, since I have a 3.75 GPA in high school right now. However, when it comes to common sense, and the common horror movie logic, I epicly fail. That's not to say I couldn't hold my own, but you know those movies where a group of teenagers decides to go into a mansion when the old man at the beginning of the film says not to? Remember when that group ignores the old man and goes in anyway, only to end either dead or mentally scarred for life, and then that old man from the beginning says to the sole survivor or group of now mentally scarred teens, "I told you so. Should've heeded my warning." Well, I remember. I am a big horror film fanatic, but nothing could have prepared me, not even wisdom from my great grandma would save me from experiencing the horror of what I had to go through.

Back to the forum post, I responded with, "Who's here?". The original poster then uploaded a photo of himself shortly after my response. What I saw made me fall back off of my chair. The poor guy looked like he clawed his own eyes out, knocked his own teeth and was smiling. The picture was dark, so there was nothing but black where his eyes and teeth were. I had hit my head, and after rising, lifting my chair up, and holding my head in pain, I sat back down and looked at the caption of the picture. I covered the picture up with my hand, because I'm a wuss like that sometimes. There was this messed up text below it, and I thought someone was just trolling, as usual. Can't wait for the dumb blond jokes, since I am naturally blond and everyone assumes we're idiots, but whatever. The reason I said that, is because I later found out the next morning on the news, before heading to the bus, that the guy had been found dead with his eyes and teeth missing. 

I shrugged it off at first, thinking that it wasn't my concern since I'm not the one with missing eyeballs. If I keep giving off obvious hints here, and the story hasn't been building up quite like you expected it to, I'm sorry about that. Anyway, as I said goodbye to my mom, I walked my uniformed ass out the front door and onto the bus. I brought my zebra-striped backpack (because who doesn't like zebra stripes, right), my smart-phone, and my house key. Being 17 has its perks, y'know. That being said, I still couldn't drive. Dad was a little worried about me getting a license, and we're holding off on it until I am 18. As I got on the bus, a friend of mine, Derek, a good-looking, mature looking guy in my grade pointed to an empty space where he sat right behind the driver. "Hey, Christie!" He called out, cheerfully and smiling.

Derek was a very friendly guy. He was very optimistic and likeable, and good looking to add to it. However, to me, he was like a big brother, so I wouldn't even think about dating him. I'm saving my chastity for someone else, man or woman. Derek had dark brown hair, always slicked back, and always wearing his uniform exactly how it's supposed to, with bright blue eyes. "So, did you hear about the haunted house at the end of the street?" He asked me as I sat down. "No, why?" I replied. "Some guy went in and never came out." He replied back. "Sounds cheesy." I replied. "I know, but I can't help but think it would be awesome to check it out." He says, after which I try to change the subject to what I saw last night. "Have you ever seen forum posts with things like, 'He's Here'?" I asked. 

"Which forum?" He asked. "It was on 4Chan, of all places." I replied. "You use that site? Damn...Guess I found another dirty secret." He said, jokingly. "I wouldn't be concerned if it weren't for the multiple posts that say, 'He's coming'." I replied. Derek nodded. "I've seen that meme for a while now; something called 'Zalgo'." He said. "Zalgo?" I asked.

"Yeah, it was an internet legend created in like 2009, or something. People use Photoshop or Gimp, or whatever to give themselves creepy eyes."

It made sense, but I truly wanted to believe it was something more real. I guess it was really just a meme. So, I came off of the bus a little disappointed, though, in my heart of hearts, I knew something was up. A large group of students was gathered at the entrance of the school building, ready to go into class as Derek and I got off of the bus. We went to class, but during lunch, Derek came up with a crazy idea. As we sat, eating out pizza, drinking milk, etc, Derek looked at me intently. "Why don't we make our own horror movie?" He asked. I put down my whole milk, and looked back at him. "My mom and dad would flip if I went out there at night." I replied. "Aww, come on. You aren't scared are you?" He joked. "No, of course not." I replied. "Look, I'll pick you up in my pickup, and we'll just go out there to see if it's really haunted." He said. 

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