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It was a long night in the hospital, Rebecca finally let herself fall asleep around 3 in the morning and that was only because Colby promised he would stay awake and watch the monitor. The nurses came in every few hours and hung more fluids when the other bag would run out. She had to have blood drawn a few times throughout the night as well.

"You've been awake every time I've come in here" A nurse, Janet said to Colby as she walked into the room at around 7 that morning
"She wouldn't sleep if I wasn't awake.. she wanted somebody watching the monitor" he explained "She needs more sleep than I do right now" He looked over at Rebecca
"You two make a good team from what I've seen" Janet smiled at him
"We work on it everyday" Colby admitted
"Don't ever stop that" the elder woman said "I was married to my husband for close to 50 years and they were the happiest of my life.. if I could give you a piece of advice.."
"Sure" Colby listened intently
"Never stop dating her" she said simply "Treat her the exact same way on your 50th year together that you did on your first day. Don't lose that spark with one another"
"I'll try my hardest" he said
"Shall I wake her for breakfast or shall I let you?" she questioned and Colby looked at Rebecca sleeping peacefully
"I'll do it" he said reluctantly "You may want to leave the room though.. she's not one that takes to kindly to being woken up early"

After waking Rebecca up and getting a death glare for close to five minutes, Colby called his mom to check on Olivia who had been taken home a few hours ago. She was sleeping soundly in their bed apparently.

Colby was looking at his phone while Rebecca ate quietly from the bed. It was peaceful and quiet that morning. The nurses turned off the sound to the monitors through out the night and had yet to turn the sound back on.

"They want to do an ultrasound this morning" Colby told her "Just to check on everything and make sure she is handling all of this okay"
"I hate those freaking machines" she shook her head
"I know" he nodded "but look at it this way, that's the way we get to see tiny"
"Did they say when I get to go home?"
"They said a few days. They want to make sure you can keep fluids down and they are going to send you home with medicine to help with the morning sickness and something to hopefully make sure this doesn't start up again"
"When do you have to go back on the road?"
"Don't worry about that" he said simply "I'm here as long as I need to be and right now you need me here"
"When can Olivia come up here?" she asked
"I'll have my mom bring her up when she wakes up. If you cooperate and are nice to the nurses"
"I'm always nice" she said
"Lies" he said and she laughed at him causing him to smile "There it is!" he said "I've missed that laugh"

Rebecca was taken down to ultrasound a few hours later. She looked up at Colby who was standing at her head with his eyes on the screen. She refused to look at the screen, almost in fear of something being wrong plus she still was apprehensive of ultrasounds even seven years later.
"Well hello there" the nurse said and Rebecca watched Colby smile "Look at you..You look perfect" she said
"It's okay" Colby looked down at Rebecca and she nodded
"Heart looks good today" the nurse explained as she moved the wand around "Fluid looks amazing, I'd say for the scare you had yesterday you look perfect today.." she explained
"Thank god" Rebecca let out a sigh of relief
"14 almost 15 weeks and baby is growing right where it should be.. you can't feel it yet but I can see you've got a very active little one in there"
"Really?" Rebecca questioned and Colby nodded with a smile
"You need to look at this.." he said and Rebecca looked at the screen to see the baby moving around, you could see the little feet almost pedaling
"Do you two know the gender yet?" the nurse asked
"No" Rebecca shook her head
"I can tell you, baby is cooperating if you want to know"
"You know?" Colby asked and the nurse nodded "What do you think?" he looked down at Rebecca
"I want to know.. do you?" she asked him
"I do" he said "It would be nice to know what to prepare for" he said and she nodded in agreement
"We want to know" Rebecca said to the nurse and she moved the wand around a few times before turning the screen to them
"Well.. Mommy and Daddy say hello to your daughter"
"Daughter.." Rebecca said with tears in her eyes
"It's a girl?" Colby questioned
"It's a girl" the nurse confirmed with a nod
"You're so beautiful" he kissed Rebecca gently "Look at that" he said kissing her again
"That's our daughter" she said and he wiped the tears from her cheeks
"That is our daughter" he confirmed kissing her once more

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