The Proposal

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Everyone in the Singhania mansion is waiting eagerly for their eldest son, Atharva Avni Singhania. There is a lot of discussion going on in the living room.

Today, Atharva has to listen to me. Said Mrs. Neeta Singhania.
I will make sure of it, it's time we finalise for his marriage. He needs someone who will be his true soulmate.
And you know what, I feel I have found the one.
I have a feeling this proposal is going to change his life and he will finally be settled happily with his soulmate.

Neeta, I agree but don't pressurise him much. If he thinks that it's time then only I will go ahead with this. I don't want to see him disheartened. He may not be my son biologically but he is and will always be my first child.
Bhaiya and Bhabhi gave his hands into mine and asked to give him all happiness of this world and I don't want to break that promise. - said Mr. Ajay Singhania, Atharva's chachu said emotionally.
Neeta said- don't worry Ajay, I also want his happiness. And trust me I will never do anything to cause him trouble. He is as much my son as Nakul and Neil.

The couple loved Atharva from their hearts and they never differentiated between the kids of the Singhania clan. There were a total of four kids, Atharva being the eldest, Nakul and Neil the twins, and lastly the princess of their hearts, Advika, Atharva's baby sister.

It's evening time and all the kids have gathered into the living room including Ajay and Neeta and the heads of the family Mr. And Mrs. Singhania, the eldest couple and the founder of the Singhania groups of industries, Atharva's grandparents.

They are a traditional family but respect each other's opinion. And this is what makes them different in the social circle of their community.

All the kids love their elders and respected their opinion.

Unknown to all this preparations, Atharva decided to leave the office after a very hectic day and reach his home and spend a little family time with all.
If only he knew, he is in it for a lifetime commitment, his marriage.

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