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Contemplating if I should do a crossover of shadowhunters and the originals mmph

Oohh and dedicated to NikkiP3 for always being supportive and another dedication to Kols_Original_Lover because she agreed to be my friend 😂💜


I went over to my dresser and lit the candle like I did every night as a small tribute to Clary. I was exhausted, despite the fact all I did was read reports and watch Magnus train with Judy. But then again, I was pregnant.

I wish I could join them. I missed sparring with someone.

Anne Wesley came by room earlier, a grin on her face as she gave me a paper bag. "Maternity clothes. You can't wear tight clothes anymore."

Tight clothes meaning the pants and the shadowhunter gear. I made a mental note to laundry it first thing tomorrow before going to the bathroom to freshen up.

After freshening up, I changed into one of Alec's shirts, and pulled on some shorts.

I relished in the scent as I settled into the bed. Suddenly, my phone rang, and I reached over to answer it.

"Lydia. Hi."

She grinned. She was sitting in her desk, a stack of files stacked neatly on her right, and a cup of tea on her left.

"Hello, sister. How are you? How's our littlest shadowhunter?" She asked.

"We're both doing fine," I assured her. "I'm scheduled for another check-up in a week, so..."

"Ask for the gender." Lydia pouted. "I'm dying with curiosity here."

I chuckled. "It's gonna be a surprise."

Our conversation stretched up to two hours. We talked about anything to everything.

I yawned, and Lydia's eyes widened slightly. "I guess we lost track of time. I should let you sleep. Good for the baby."

I nodded.

"Okay, goodnight. I'll check in tomorrow, 'kay?" Lydia promised. With that, she hung up the phone, and on cue, Alec entered the room.

He pecked me on the lips before moving to take off his gear.

He looked somewhat conflicted, but excited.

"What is it?" I asked.

"I got a message from Jace earlier. Clary might still be alive."

My mouth dropped open. "How do they know?"

"Apparently the building wasn't really destroyed. It was relocated."

I ran a hand through my hair. "Wait if Clay's possibly alive..." I faltered.

"So is Jonathan." Alec finished.


I want Mountain Dew, goddamn it.

Sighing, I ran a hand through my hair just as Judy and her team approached me. "You needed us?"

I tapped on a few controls on the screen. "Several Raum demons had been spotted near the hospital. Take 'em out. And remember, these demons are poisonous, their venom's more complex and stronger. And remember they're fast."

Judy nodded. She tilted her head at her teammates. "I'll meet you guys outside." They left soon after that. "So, when is my next training sesssion with the great Magnus Bane?"

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