...but i ugly

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princess pov

i woke up in really meanie attitude. i didn't even wait for daddy to come and get me out of my crib. i didn't want or need his help.

i climbed the crib walls and fell to the ground hitting my hip on the railing. my eyes filled with tears and i cried silently until i had no tear and the pain went away.

i ran to dada's room where there was a mirror to look at the damage of my little hip. i pulled off my onesie and then my panties.

there was no bruise or cut. yippee. but i could really see my ugly stretch marks. eww.

i hated them and wanted them to be gone. as i examined my body i noticed how huge my gross thighs were, how lopsided my boobies were and how ugly my booty was.

i was so ugly!

why did daddy continue to lie to me and tell me i'm beautiful when i'm not? just the site of myself made me want to puke.

i hated myself. i wanted to die.

i went into daddy's room and opened up the medicine cabinet. i found some sleepy pills and took a bunch of them.

then i heard daddy coming. i shut the cabinet and played innocent.

"what is my little princess doing in here?"
"uh...i wanted to take a baf but didn't know how to turn it on", i giggled beginning to feel sleepy.
"i'll help you but how about you eat something first"

i was sooooo fat. i didn't wanna eat anymore.

"excuse me?", he looked at me sideways.
"i sorry... i mean no thanks. i not hungry"
"now that better, let's get you in the bath then", he runs the bath.

it hard for me to stay away as the bath water runs. once the water turns off he picks me up and sets me in the water.

"you stay here and wash up, i'll make us breakfast", i nod.

as soon as he leaves the room my eyes shut and i fall into a deep sleep. as i sleep i feel my face become wetter and warmer but i was too sleepy to care.

i felt so peaceful and happy. i didn't have to think or worry about my ugly body anymore.

i was free.

as i slept, i heard a loud yell. it was muffled by something so i couldn't hear it well. i was shaken before lifted up. my eyes shot up open.

i was still in the bath. i couldn't breath! i looked up to see daddy carrying me to the bed. i cough up water as daddy rubbed my back and put me on my slide.

my eyes struggled to stay open, "princess stay with me", was the last thing i heard.

when i awoke again it was to loud beeping. i look down at my hands it it had an iv thingy in it. what the? i realized i wasn't in my bed.

i wasn't at home. i was...i was in a...a hospital?

i looked over to a chair to see dada.

"daddy", i spoke my voice hoarse.
"princess", he came and hugged me.
"dada what happened?", i rub my eyes.
"you accidentally fell asleep in the bath while i was gone but trust me princess it was all my fault for leaving you by yourself", he kissed my forehead.
"but da—", i was cut off my the doctor coming in.
"i'm glad you're awake ms.gentry. i have the result back. it seems like you overdosed on sleeping pills"

my face went red. i had been caught.

"overdosed? on sleeping pills? there must be some kind of mix up", daddy spoke to the doctor.
"no sir, it's result we got back when testing her blood. she had high levels of benzodiazepines, which is a type of chemical found in the body. but too much of it can be deadly. you're lucky, sweetheart", she walks out.

daddy's glaze is now on me, "did you really take sleeping pills?"
i struggle to answer not wanting to lie but also not wanting daddy to be angry at me, "yes", i mumble.
"because...because i'm ugly! and fat and disgusting and you shouldn't love me!", i yell.

"what are you talking about?!", he comes over to me and sits on the bed.
"dis morning i fell out of my bed and hit my h-hip. it hurted. i went in your bafroom to see it in the mirror. nothing was there but i saw my-my stretch mark and my boobies and my butt and my thighs!", i cry. "and they were all so ugly! so i wanted to die, daddy. i'm sorry"
"no princess, it's not your fault. you father used to tell you how ugly and horrible you were and you believed him. now you're sick because of it but i'm gonna get you help, princess. i promise", he kisses my lips and cuddles me.
"thank you daddy, i love you"
"i love you too, my beautiful princess"

kinda deep, sorry if this hit home for any of you❤️

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