where dada at?

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princess pov

i woke up late at night. it was all dark and scary but i rubbed my booty up against what i thought was daddy but it was only mr. fluffy. oops.

daddy wasn't there. where daddy at?

i grabbed my paci, mr. fluffy, my sippy cup and pulled up my sagging diaper. i went down stairs to see if daddy was down there. i searched the kitchen, the bathroom, the dinning room, living room, family room and even the hall closet.

but no daddy.

maybe i missed him somewhere up stairs. i wiggles my way up the stairs again and looked through my room for daddy and then the play room.


i went back into his bedroom where i started. he must be in his bathroom or something. he wasn't.

oh no! why would daddy leave me all alone at night by myself?! does daddy not love me anymore? did he find a better princess then me?

i begin to panic thinking the worst case scenario.

he had left me like my real dad did all the time. he promised me he was different. i ran to daddy's bed and cried.

maybe daddy just went missing or got kidnapped. what if that happened? what do you do when you're daddy is kidnapped or taken? call 911!

i waddled into my playroom and scooped through my toy chest until i found my pink glittery phone i call mr. fluffy with. i dialed 911 but every time i pressed a number the barbie dream house theme song played and i had to take a dance break.

i put the phone up to my ear, "hello? daddy emergency people?! i need help! my dada is missing! hello?", nobody answered.

how is 911 not gonna answer me. i need help!!!

i try and call nova but i don't know her number. i see little letters on the phone too and spell out her name. the phone says in barbie's voice, "good job!", i giggle.

she doesn't answer either. i try all the number i know but none of them work.

there's no use. my daddy left me and i need to face it. i slowly walk into my bedroom and look through the closet and find my old barbie suit case.

i guess it's time to find another princess auction.

i begin to pack my clothes and some extra diapers. i put all my favorite toys and coloring tools in as well. i run down to the kitchen and grabs some cookies and stuff them in there.

i pull on my mickey mouse onesie and put on the matching slippers. tears cover my face as i walk down the stairs for the last time.

i go to open the door but it swings open and hits me in the face. it knocks me down and i begin to cry.

"oh, princess. i'm so sorry", daddy kisses me.
"daddy!!!", i scream hugging him.
"yes, princess. it's me", he laughs.
"where'd you go?!", i ask.
"i went to go get your favorite ice cream since i know you're on your big girl period"


"why are you all dressed and have your suit case?"
"well...i kinda sorta thought you left me for good so i packed my stuff and was about to leave. i sorry", i pout.
"oh my god, baby. i'd never leave you. especially not like that. now come on let's go unpack your bag and eat this ice cream"
"otay", i unzip my suit case and start munching on a cookie.

daddy just shakes his head.


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