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"Where is it?" you mumbled, looking through boxes you had pulled out of the closet. "I thought I left it here? Uh... oh, here. Wait, it's just a launcher." You sighed and leaned on the closet door before catching sight of a dim glint on the far corner of the shelf. "Well, I guess I'm blind." You stood up and grabbed it.

The colorful designs were still as bright as you remembered, albeit a little dull from the dust collecting over the years.

"It's been so long, [Bey name]. I'll battle just this once."

[Bey name] was actually an old God bey, from the time Free had been champion. You actually kept an interest in it for about a year even after Kurtz disappeared. In your opinion, though, it was pretty good.

"[Name], your friends are here! Hurry up, you can't still be looking for it, can you?"

"What?" You shoved the launcher and bey in your jacket's inside pockets, walking to the front door. "Mom, my friends are... oh, hey." Takane, Ichika, and Amane stood in the door.

"Hi, [Name]!" Takane smiled. "Want to join us today?"

"I..." You have them a soft smile. "Yeah, actually. I was gonna call and ask."

"Great, let's go!"

"Takane, I need my shoes." You pulled on a random pair of sneakers before walking out the door, shutting and locking it behind you.

"What were you looking for?" Amane asked.

"That's something you gotta find out." You stuck your tongue out, placing your hands behind your head. "Besides, it's hella old."



You sighed. "It's to early for this kid." You leaned on the wall.

"I know... it's too early for anything." Ichika said, joining you.

You yawned. "I regret waking up this early just to find some old toy I haven't used for years."

"What toy?"

"The thing I was looking for this morning."

"That doesn't say anything about it."

"It does."

Ichika have you a skeptical look.

"I was looking for it."

"It's way too early for you to be a smartass."

"It's never to early for that."

"Alright, you got it!"

You flinched as Drum ran past you yelling. "Oh my god, does he have a volume button?" you groaned.

"Wait, we all have to go together!" Takane chases after him.

"I don't think he does," Amane said.

The three of you watched him leave.

"Geez, he's already gone."

"We should uh... probably go after them?"

"Eh, he'll come back."

"So... I can sleep?" You sat down leaning on the wall.

"If you want."

"Good." You leaned your head back and shut your eyes, yawning.

A few minutes later, you were woken up by yelling. You looked over to see the two leaving with Takane.

"[Name], hurry up!" Amane urged.

"What?" You stood up and followed them. "What's going on?"

"Drum's at the Spark Devils' training facility."

"The what?" You were confused. "That a team or something? And why does it involve me if it's Beyblade?"

"It's a rival team. They have all the latest gear, and an amazing training facility. They'd be a good team if Fumiya didn't have his head up his ass," Ichika explained. "And he and Amane have a rivalry with each other."


As you were running after them, you nearly bowled over a cyan-haired male. "Sorry!"

He stared after you. "What the hell..."

By the time you got there, you could faintly head Drum yelling something inside.

"Of course." You sighed, following your friends inside and stopping to see Drum lose to the blond on the other side of the stadium. They began talking, and you sighed, knowing what it was about, and tuned out the conversation.

"I feel sorry for you. Because no one in the Victories will ever amount to anything."

You snapped out of the daydream you were in to stare at Fumiya.

"Beyblade is not just about winning!" Ichika protested.

"And there it is! The words of a sore loser! What's so fun about Beyblade if you don't get stronger and win?"

The rest of the Spark Devils laughed.

Amane stopped Ichika from approaching Fumiya. "You better stop badmouthing is, or I'll make you!"

"Oh yeah? How? The Victories are too weak to do anything."

You growled and walked up to him. "Look, I don't care who you are, or how good you think you are. Beyblade is a fucking sport, it's just for fun! If doesn't have to be so goddamn competitive! I don't even care about it, but if you keep talking shit about my friends, I will personally kick your ass! Whether it be in a physical fight or a beybattle!" You held out [Bey name]. "Try me, you egotistical ass! I haven't played in so long, but who fucking cares? I'll take you on right now if that's what it takes to get you to shut your damn mouth!"

"Looks like you have a girlfriend, Kusaba. And she even has a pathetic little God bey," Fumiya mocked after being seemingly unfazed by your screaming.

You growled. "Shut up, or I swear I'll-"

Amane grabbed your arm, stopping you from swinging it forwards. "[Name]. He's not worth hitting."

You stared at him. "But he-"

"I know." Amane gently pushed you towards Drum and Ichika.

"Goddamn motherfucking shitface asshole," you muttered angrily, shoving [Bey name] back in your pocket.

"You actually have one?" Ichika asked.


"You like to swear, don't you?"


"Who're you?" Drum asked.

You rolled your eyes. "Kanemichi [Name]. I've been hanging around with the Victories recently."


"Um, yeah? Since you got here. I only know who you are because Takane dragged me to the festival."

"No I didn't!" Takane protested.

"I know." You ruffled his hair before turning back to glare at Fumiya. "What's his problem?"

"He's acting like a spoiled brat."

"So... the way Wakiya acted at first?"

"I thought-"

"Just 'cause I don't like it doesn't mean I can't follow what happens when I'm bored. I know some things."

"Oh, okay."

You watched as Amane and Fumiya battled, sighing when the blond won. "Honestly, I have no idea why I blew up at him. He's annoying, but I really don't stand a chance if Amane cant beat him."

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