Chapter 11

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It was a lazy Sunday morning and Disco Werewolf wasn't in his usual digs. He was in Boo Boo's suite instead. Sure enough, there was the usual party of hangers on going on outside, and a few vixens laid around in the nude on Boo Boo's huge bed, blending into the scene like so many playthings turned window dressing.

DW closed his eyes and was in ecstasy as Boo Boo ran her fingers through his smooth, soft head fur.

"There, there, dear," Boo Boo said. "How's that?"


"You were amazing, Disco Werewolf, darling," Boo Boo said. "What power. What prowess. What stamina."


"Yes, truly werewolves make for the best lovers."


"Oh, don't worry about Barry. DW, when you reach a certain level of fame, you tend to cast off labels and just do what feels good. Does this feel good?"


"Of course, it does."

Disco Werewolf laid there, staring at the ceiling, the realization that he had bagged a celebrity kicking in. He was so pleased with himself.

"Barry tells me he'd like to represent you but you're on the fence," Boo Boo said.


"Well, it is a tough decision, trying to determine whether or not it's worth it to go pro."


"Really, the clincher would be whether or not you have somewhere better to go in your human life."

DW was quiet.

"I don't suppose you'd care to show me the real you?"

Disco Werewolf thought about it, then shook his head no. "Woof."

"Oh, what a faux pas I've committed," Boo Boo said as she snuggled herself into all that fur. "This is you. You are Disco Werewolf."


"But then, doesn't that help you make your decision?" Boo Boo asked. "If you enjoyed being your human self, you'd be him right now, wouldn't you?"


"You don't think the human version of you could snag a woman like me?"


"You mustn't be so hard on yourself, darling," Boo Boo said as she rubbed the wolf's head. "I'm sure you're charming no matter what form you're in. I'd take you anyway I can get you."

Boo Boo sat up, grabbed the wolf's chin and looked into his eyes. "I mean it, my love. Anyway I can get it. Anyway."

The singer eased back into bed and draped an arm around the beast. "The world is a cruel place isn't it?"


"It doesn't take a psychiatrist to figure out you're running from something," Boo Boo said.


Boo Boo took her finger and booped the wolf on the nose, causing him to pant. "Maybe some day you'll feel comfortable enough to run to me."

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