Prologue : After death, before life

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[The Void]

There was a black beach where you could find diamonds of all weights, z night blue sea reflecting a moon partially hidden by the clouds as well as the stars. It was a beautiful and mysterious landscape, Lia was amazed my it.

''I'm dead? Shit i won't have the possibility to see my friends and parents. I hope everyone is fine with what happen those days. I still got to save that little girl before my death, my life was useful. And now I can finally know the answer to what happen after someone die. With what I can see I'm the only one in this place. Still this is as beautiful as the beach in the world of darkness in Kingdom Hearts. That place must really be where dead find themselves before going to hell or paradise or any other place like those. Or simply a place unique to everyone where go after death.''

/// Your first idea is the one who is the closest to the truth young woman but in reality only those who died before the time they should have can go to this place and it's sufficiently large for one to not encounter other dead as we need to talk to each of you alone.///

''Oh! So it's like that and I suppose that you the freaking voice are the one in charge to make us go to the other side? And do you have any freaking name?''

///What a change in personality you where so polite just before and in your previous life.///

"That's just that as fucking police officer if your not polite and curse you have high chance to be fired as our superior are fucking money and image freak. Now can you answer my question or should I wate hell more time?''

///I see must've been hard. And to answer your question it is me and the like of me who possess that role and my name is Tensei. By getting in this place a choice is offered to you reincarnation or the path to the last world. What is your choice young woman? Knowing that with the reincarnation memories are conserved and a power linked to your past lives will be given to you. State your choice.///

''My choice here is obvious. I choose the reincarnation. Is it possible to know where I will be reincarnated? And what would be my power? Wait did you just said past LIVES!? What did you mean by that?"

/// It is possible to know where you will be reincarnated but as you already know about this world I think it is more interesting for you to discover it by yourself. And about your power I will only say it's name the rest is for you to discover what you can do with it because it depends on you and only you. Your power is the moon flame. Do you think it fit you?///

'A world I already know about? True it is freaking interesting and that power he said it is linked to my past but how is the moon linked to it? Or maybe he only said the name because it is the only thing that isn't linked to my past? Because I was in a laboratory university before my domain are the different science appart from biologie After all.'
"That is perfectly fine for me but one thing you didn't answered my question about you saying past 'lives'.''

/// Perfect you can now go to your next life young woman.///

''Wait you still didn't answered my question!!"


And it is how our dear main character start her story. But is it really the start of was there something before that she forgot ?

To know more about it only one thing to do read the chapter that I the author don't know when they will be posted. Because at the same time I write my story that take place in Fairy Tail and the prologue and first chapter of the story you are reading currently were written in April during school hours. The prologue translation (because I started to write my story in French because it is my main language) is just finished and the first chapter isn't finished.

All that to say knowing how to wait is a big quality.

Thanks for reading this.

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