Chapter 1 - Bye, Edolas and Hello, New World

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Hey guys! Firestorm40 here with as whole new crossover story. This was actually a running test to see how how many reads the story would get before I continue it. Enjoy!


"HAHAHA! We totally took down the king!" Natsu cheered before turning to the person next to him with a raised hand. "Up top, Noel!"

"Heck yeah!" The girl exclaimed happily before high-fiving the pinkette. Noel was a 12-13 year old girl with long startling sliver/blue hair that reached mid back and golden eyes. Despite her age, she had a body that most girl mages her age would kill for.

 Despite her age, she had a body that most girl mages her age would kill for

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Not only was she a strong mage, but Ice a Dragon Slayer. Like Natsu, Wendy and Gajeel, her dragon parent disappeared on the year X777 without a trace.

Sometime after that she stumbled upon the infamous Fairy Tail guild, where she made many friends and went on tons of adventures. Though she and her friends were not prepared for what happened next.

Fairy Tail was brought to another land, nothing like they have ever known. A land where magic is outlawed in some areas of the land. They find themselves in a land called Edolas. Many of the members of Fairy Tail have been turned into a giant Lacrima for the royal palace of Edolas to use to their bidding. Happy, Carla, Wendy, and Natsu all find out first how strange this world is. They find Fairy Tail counterpart, as well as their own counterparts. They meet Edo Lucy, who helps them on some of their journey. Later on they meet up with Noelle, her Exceed partner, Piri and Lucy, who all had also been sucked into this strange world, but unlike Natsu and them, they could use their magic in this land, thanks to Mystogan. And they meet the Edo Natsu and Edo Noelle, but unlike Earth Land counterparts, Edo Natsu and Noelle were siblings.

Together they learned why the King of Edolas wanted the magic power, and the truth about the exceeds. The truth being why the Queen of the exceeds sent the eggs to earth, so they would be protected. The small group of wizards are joined soon by Gray and Erza, thanks to being freed from the lacrima by Gajeel and Edo Gajeel. Joining in on the fight, Erza went to challenge her counterpart, and Gray joins Natsu, Noelle, Wendy, and Lucy and the three exceeds. Thanks to Gray, Wendy and Natsu are given the pills that allowing them to use their magic.

The fight was intense, later on they end up with Gajeel and together they were left to fight the King of Edolas controlling a large dragon like machine, called Dorma Anim. Together they defeated the king, which led to the Natsu and Noelle cheering like idiots.

"Hey this part where I get to yell 'Checkmate!', right?" Natsu asked, pumping his fist into the air.

"Actually, I think you're supposed to say that before you take down the King." Wendy corrected him.

"Even I knew that," Gajeel responded with a smirk.

"Ah, who cares? We totally owned his ass!" Noelle grinned, though she grimaced as she looked down at her battered and tired body. "Man, I could really use a nice bath right now..."

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