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(short chapter but like, whatever)

          "I don't get it, you could bring someone and I couldn't?" I hissed at me brother, who shut the door behind him. Logan whipped around and glared at me," That is my wife and child, Devils are after them too!"

          I scoffed,"So? I could've brought one friend — one! I needed at least one thing keeping me standing, Logan!" I screamed at him, tears beginning to pool. He kept his mouth shut, but I knew he wanted to yell back. "I don't care if they're your new family, but Logan I'm falling down into insanity. I needed at least on of them. It's so unfair!"

          "How is that unfair? Besides you have me to keep you standing," Logan furrowed his brows and crunched his nose up.

          I dryly laughed," You worry so much already, you barely come back home. Now that they're here, you'll have a wife and a kid to take care of. I can't lean on you for support, so I've been leaning on my own molecules around me for support. Im tired, Logan. Im so fucking tired."

           Logan shook his head and scoffed. He was done with my tantrum and didn't want to hear it, and there's only one thing he'd do when this happened. Logan opened the door and went to tend to his new family, leaving me and my thoughts alone. The atmosphere of the room seemed to chill and feel solemn. I wiped the tears that escaped and sat down to hug my knees close to my chest.

          I miss Riverdale. I miss Cheryl's bratty attitude, Jughead's dorky self, Reggie's dumbass football plays, Betty's goddamn ponytail, Archie's milkshake moustaches, and Sweet Pea himself. I wanted my old life back, when it was perfect.

          I want to burn this new life down.


"It's for you man."

Sweet Pea scrunched up his nose and snatched the paper, immediately feeling the wave of recognition flow through him. Her signature was the same as always, and just seeing her writing brought back memories.

"To Sweet Pea,

Hey, loser. You're probably wondering why your note was hidden and not you know, given to you. Sorry, I wasn't sure if you'd stay mad at me or if you hated me, didn't want me anymore, and so on. So I guess to clear the guilt of not writing to you, I'll hide it somewhere.

          You might not even find this shit but whatever. Hey babe, I went to cloudsville and am in hiding with Logan under the name of — this is stupid.

          Blah blah blah, just know that I still love you, no matter what. You might date someone else, might marry someone else and have kids, or turn gay — who knows, but just to say what I hadn't said enough, I love you so damn much it hurts to write this bullshit. I never wanted to leave Riverdale, but it wasn't like I had a choice.

          The Devils are breaking down in their ranks, without a leader and with our decline of the head of the gang, their after our heads for betrayal. They want to kill us, Pea. Logan didn't want to take the chance of the end of the Valentine line. Dig wants to lead but the Devils want us, so he took a rogue league and wants to kill us and take over the gang.

          Look, I know it's vague and stuff but I need to make this quick to hide it and leave. I love you.


         "What'd she say?" Jughead asked the masculine male who began to stare at the signature in a daze. He scoffed and looked up, his brown eyes pooling with wanting and sadness.

          "She said that she loves me."

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