New love

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Y/N's Pov:
(Flash Back)
As I woke up this morning I noticed Dua wasn't lying next to me. So I got up and looked in the bathroom to see if she was there. She wasn't. So I got changed and headed downstairs to start making myself breakfast and to text Dua.

But as soon as I got down there, there she was sitting their crying. I walked over to her and asked "Baby what's wrong why are you crying" I said while trying to hug her but she pushed me off. Then she turned to me with the most angriest face I've ever seen from her and said in a low voice " don't baby me I know you come home late and pretend like nothings wrong when their is. You've been hanging out with some other girl instead of me and I just can't stand to think that you don't love me while I still love you".

I started to cry and I said in a whisper " just let me explain please I still love you and I want to be with you". But she already had her stuff packed sitting by the door. She looked at me and kissed me one more time before she said "I think we need to find new people" while still crying. I don't know why I didn't move or why I didn't run after her but it was to late she was gone.
But that was 4 months ago and I'm starting to go out with a girl named Bella. She is nothing like Dua which I hate. She doesn't have an accent she doesn't make me feel special and she's always with her other friends. So today I'm breaking up with her.

——————————————————————A/N: this is my first time writing a story so if anybody actually reads this please leave a vote and I will release the second part of this very soon.

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