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I'm so sorry this took so long my special friend, uni is kicking my ass since I have everything due this week!!

I'm also sorry if this goes off topic, I tried to keep referring to the question as much as I could!

Thank you so much for your wonderful comments, I upload more ♥️♥️

I hope you enjoy what I came up with!

⚡Your Stand for this is called Majorina, (Smile Precure reference since I lack the originality to make up Stands, even tho I literally designed and modelled one for my uni work recently) which has the ability to produce after effects similar to Polnareff's Silver Chariot after expelling his armour, but coupled with the subtle energy of ley lines, you could really pack a punch when in the right spot⚡

Jotaro Kujo:

💎 Of course, the Pyramids of Giza are said to be brimming with subtle energy, so your Stand had received optimum energy in that area

💎 Jotaro was butting heads with the D'Arby elder, betting unreasonably and dangerously! He felt he had to protect everyone and the fate of the people around him rested solely on his shoulders. Thankfully, he beat the gambler at his own game, rendering him a useless piece of garbage for submitting to DIO.
"I can't believe you did it," you gasp, glancing up at him hiding beneath his cap and sliding your arms round his waist. Though embarrassed, the giant feels warm in your embrace, trying to gently peel you off his body. Alarmingly, his hands go through your body and your voice is heard from somewhere else in the bar. "Try again."

💎 He searches, worried a Stand has gotten ahold of you or you've been possessed!! Rubber Soul got Kakyoin down to a tee, so who's to say someone couldn't do the same to you! After spotting another after image, he attempts to grab your arm, taunted again by your voice.

💎 Eventually, you appear behind him and he's got Star Platinum out, ready to punch you to next week. The parmaviolet phantom swings, knocked off guard by your fist pummelling Jotaro's jaw from his side! The connection was so brutal it was enough to disturb the drinkers, turning their heads to the commotion.

💎 After spitting blood on the ground, since Jotaro's just managed to steady himself from you blow to the face, your cocked eyebrow and pouting lips was enough to clue Joseph Joestar in on the situation, since he had seen the look on his own wife enough times

💎 Shocked, Polnareff's mouth hangs agape, his eyes blown up in astonishment. Avdol however is more concerned, simply bearing teeth and arching his brows. What had gotten into you?

💎 "That's for playing hero, idiot. You could have had us all killed!" Angered by your accusation, the schoolboy rises to his towering 6"5 height, leaving the others in awe at how little he intimidated you, a sweet and innocent girl!!

💎 To begin with, Kujo is going to be super riled if you accuse him outright, especially if you clock him one as well. Intimidation is the go to for the young man.

💎 When you aren't bothered by him however, even when he launches at you just to fly through you, since you're just another after effect, he turns his head to find you once more, instead receiving a kick to the nose, bloodying it.

💎 Gripping his face, his bright blue eyes stare you down on the poker table, your doppelgangers allowing you to appear on the green surface.
"What's the matter with you? Stupid bitch!"
"Try saying that when you gamble your mom's life away."

💎 Though agitated, he sees a point. He was able to intimidate the enemy, but somebody who was as close as you would be way more clued in on his risk taking. His face softens a little when yours does, sympathetic smile reminding him he was out of line for betting his mother's soul. Your soft and kindhearted nature reminds him of his female parental figure, perhaps leading to his protective interest towards you

💎 It actually makes your relationship stronger, when he remembers he isn't on his own and you're just as capable of helping out. In the evening when you're alone, he thanks you, though not directly. All it takes is a sweep of his fingers from your elbow to your wrist, then a gentle squeeze to your skin.

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