I've read 103 books

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This app is driving me crazy, I swear, I counted all the books I read, there were 103. Then, in a blink of an eye, I'll be reading like.... 1,000 books 😑😂

I really like books actually and, if I do buy books from the book store, it would take me years to find the book I'll like because of course... Its not like, you'll just type something like, "Boystory" then suggestions of books come out.

I mean, I found a book I liked but, it was no longer in the book store, its called "Geekerella" and.. Like its about- you get the title.. Lol

I have books in my house--a lot-- and, its already boring to re-read those books because like, I, of course do not wanna read a book so old that is too long and I might not even have time to re-read.

Yes, I'm lazy. And, I'm currently reading this book -- not in Wattpad-- and, its called "Long for this World" and, its nice but its still an old book actually, but... Its still in pretty good shape (no one needs to know)

Okay, thanks for reading this book btw! I promise to update but, I'm still thinking of other things to spice up these scenarios because then, the book would be boring.

And, if you're reading my "She's Different" book, I'm sorry that I haven't updated since like, few weeks ago, I'm actually still working on chapter 2 and 3 because my cousin deleted those chapters which I was just going to upload.

(She deleted them because she thought it was just a draft and she thought I didn't need it.)

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