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Cinnas Cafe

Looking into the glass window at myself for the 15th time, making sure I look nice. I'm wearing a navy blue crop top fitted shirt, with my blue jean shorts and some navy blue vans to match. Simple.

I open the door, scanning the heads of everyone trying to spot Taehyung but all I see are a brunettes a, 2 blondes— they're girls and 1 smurf? Seriously blue hair? I have to say, it looks nice.

I decided to just walk to the counter and order, I guess he hasn't made it yet. "Can I have one caramel macchiato please? I say while fidgeting in my bag for the amount due.

"Your order will be ready in 5 minutes" "Okay thank you!" I turn to look at the cafe doors for any sign of Taehyung. I do a double take to look at the smurf. Taehyung?

"T-Taehyung?" I all but scream out loud in the middle of the cafe. Everyone eyes look up at me. Including Tae Himself.

"Ma'am your order is ready!" I look back towards the cashier and walk towards the counter to grab my drink.

I walk towards the table Taehyung is sitting at and take a seat across from him.

"Hey" we both say at the same time.

"Um you look more beautiful in person" Is he really going to be this awkward with me? I mean I called him daddy before. We're over the awkward stage.

"Nope, nuh uh, we're not gonna do this awkward shit." I say while point at him.

"But you look good too— I mean with the smurf thing you have going on" I laugh.

"It was my friend Jimins idea."

We spend half an hour just talking about ourselves and laughing about nothing at all. He's actually good with conversation and his boxy smile is adorable. How could his ex's ever do him wrong? He's adorable.

"Taehyung about what you asked me the other night..." I say while fidgeting with my hands in my lap.

"We can forget about it, I shouldn't have asked you"

"No! I like you too. I'm sorry that I panicked and left so suddenly, but I really do like you."

"R-Really!?" He smiles while reaching across the table to grab my hands.

"Yeah and if you still want I'd like to be your girlfriend...maybe you don't want me to anymore since I took too long."

"I still do. I still want you."

"Jungkook told me everything about Areum and what happened with her, I hope you don't mind. But I messaged him to let him know that I want you."


A/N: This chapter is shitty, I rushed this and I hate doing these type of chapters but the bottom line is— they met and they're together. 😭

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