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Colby practically ran into the hospital after getting there in record time. He saw his mom and daughter sitting together in the waiting room.
"Where is she?" He asked in a panic
"Colby Daniel! did you speed?" Holly scolded
"Uh oh you got the first and middle name.. you're in big trouble" Olivia said
"Mom! Not important!" He snapped "Rebecca, where is she?" He asked again growing impatient
"She's in room 303.. they just came and told us a few minutes ago"
"Did they say anything else?" He asked and his mother shook her head
"I wanna see Mama" Olivia spoke up
"Let your daddy go first and see what's happening" Holly said as her son took off towards Rebecca

Colby got to the room and stopped. He composed himself and tried to push away his emotions, that was the last thing she needed.. she didn't need him all emotional.

He opened the door and was met by Rebecca laying in a bed, an IV in her hand and a few wires coming from her abdomen under her hoodie she was in
"Babe.." He said walking over to her and holding her in his arms
"They said it's not my fault" she cried "I didn't do anything wrong"
"What is happening?" He pulled back to look her over
"They said I'm severely dehydrated from the constant throwing up and I'm at a high risk for miscarriage"
"You haven't miscarried though right?" He asked sitting in the chair next to the bed
"No.." she shook her head "do you hear it?" She asked and he listened, he had heard it when he came in the room but completely ignored it and went straight for her
"What is that?" He asked looking at a monitor as the thumping continued
"That's her heartbeat.. they said that they wanted to monitor it and they gave me the option to mute it so I didn't have to hear it but I wanted to listen to it"
"It's still there.. she's okay then" he said and Rebecca shook her head
"Normal is 120 to 160 beats per minute" she explained "What does it say now?" She asked
"102" he read the number from the monitor
"It's been steadily dropping since we got here.. they hooked me up to fluids and are hoping to get my body to come back"
"So, What her heartbeat can stop at anytime?"
"Yeah.. the only thing we can do is wait and see if my body can pull itself back together and if she's strong enough to take it anymore"

Colby sat back in the chair as he watched the monitor intently. He stared at it almost trying to Will the number to increase instead of decrease.

"Alright!" He exclaimed and Rebecca looked at him as he brought the chair as close to the bed as possible
"What are you doing?" She asked as he pulled the hoodie up to expose her stomach
"Listen here kid.." he began to speak directly to the tiny bump "You have a sister who is way to overly excited to meet you, a mommy who loves you like no other and me.. your daddy.. the second I found out about you, you became my whole world and all three of us already love you so much and refuse to lose you so you better get that tiny heart of yours beating faster or you're grounded until you're thirty" he said and Rebecca looked at the monitor to see the number jump from 102 to 106
"Look.." she pointed to the monitor
"Yeah.. keep that up in there.." he said before placing a kiss on the tiny bump

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