Chapter 1

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Chapter One 

"Are you going to tell me what this plan of yours is?" Jamie asks, his voice sleepy, making me smile as I turn around so I am facing him and pressing my lips to the stubbly skin beside his mouth.

"Nope. I know you and I know that you and the Harrington's don't keep things from each other. If I tell you, you'd tell one of them and then it would get back to Mike." I say, pushing my top leg over his hip, feeling his morning glory pressing against my core.

"Not true."

"Oh, like how Dani told Mike that I found you attractive and not to be over-confident when I arrived in Carolina Beach the second time?" I tease, making his eyes snap open, surprise covering his features.


"I'm not stupid, Jamie. You were playing it far too casually when I came back to spend time with Dani for you not to have known I would be put off by cockiness." I muse, running my manicured nails down his muscular back, loving the feeling of his soft skin.

He suddenly smiles at me, giving a chuckle as his own arm, which was swung around my waist, moves until he has my ass cheek in his hands.

"Come on, princess, we both know we wanted me. Maybe I took some advice, but I think it worked out." He says, making me smile and nod, rolling him onto his back and straddling him. He gives me a lazy smile, running his soft hands up my thighs.

"Hmmm, I agree. I even wanted you that first night in the bar. You were hot and all I could think about was ripping that jacket off you." I whisper, running my hands up his chest.

"Knew it. I'm glad you didn't give in that night though."

"Oh?" I prob with a smile, seeing him run his eyes down to my breasts, which I have always felt self-conscious as they aren't the largest with their simple b-cups, yet he has always looked at them as if they are the best things he has ever seen, saying how he loves how delicate they feel in his large hands.

"Uh-huh. I much prefer the idea that we slept together knowing exactly who the other was. Take Dani and Mike. They had no clue." He says, running his hands up to cup my breasts, making me arch my back when his skin brushes over my nipples.

"Same. I much prefer the idea of sleeping with Jamie Kyle Harrington Patterson than I do some bad boy stranger. You suited that leather jacket, but the real you is much sexier." I say, leaning down and kissing him as I start moving my hips over him, both of us moaning.

He smiles against me, reaching for a condom with one hand before letting me help get it on. Once ready, he reaches between us with one hand and grabbing himself while lifting my hips with his other hand, allowing him to line himself up before he lowers me onto him, making me gasp, always having loved how he fills me.

I smile, moving my eyes down to his lust covered face as he watches our hips, his blue eyes looking bright in the morning light streaming in through my bedroom curtains. Smiling to myself, I start thinking back over the last eight months together.

Eight months and I still haven't agreed to be with him properly, eight months and I still haven't told him how deeply I care for him and eight months and while we haven't agreed to be exclusive, I haven't slept, fooled around or even kissed someone else.

I also know he hasn't either, knowing his cousins, the rest of the Harringtons, or his brother Sam would have heard and, as I said, they don't keep secrets from either other and as Mike and Dani practically tell each other everything, I would have heard.

Looking at Jamie now, I know he is committed to being with me, yet I can't help but wonder if that is because we aren't in the limelight. Jamie jokes around and takes things lightly, but I am scared he'll run the moment he is plastered across the news. I know Mike is ok about it, practically willing to put up with anything to be with Dani, yet even I can see how he likes his privacy and tries to keep out of it as much as possible.

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