Chapter 69

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So just to clear up beforehand, this is technically the final chapter of the story, although it is the penultimate chapter I will be posting. The next will be an epilogue and I haven’t decided yet but it’ll probably take place a year or so later. Maybe.

So, after this, there’s only one chapter left and I’m really excited to start continuing with my other story that I posted one chapter for like a month ago, so depending on how I feel about this ending, I may upload the epilogue tonight also.

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After my dad picked me up the next morning, he was smiling. It seemed a pretty mediocre thing to be elated about, but given everything, it was a positive sign. I hadn’t seen him smile like that in a long time. Maybe not since the night I arrived when he opened the front door to me, seeing each other for the first time.

After giving Midge a consoling yet comforting hug, I swiftly left their house and ran into my dad’s car. I knew that my Aunt Michelle and Uncle Brian were planning a talk with Midge when I had left, and it was clear that she was pretty worried.

But, they were going to get her help and she didn’t have to bear such a secret on her shoulders alone anymore. She could finally move on, in a way. And I think she’d been secretly waiting for something like that to happen in a long time.

After waking up that morning, I also actually felt great. Refreshed, even. I knew that everything wasn’t exactly over, and there were things to resolve as far as my parents were concerned, but we were going to get there alright. Hopefully.

It must’ve reflected in my body language, because the car ride with my dad seemed so much more relaxed and sociable, we even ended up singing along to the radio together.

I figured he would have had a talk with my mum whilst I was with Midge the night before. I didn’t know how well it had gone down, but it seemed to be alright. He wouldn’t have been so upbeat otherwise.

As he pulled into my street, Derrick’s car wasn’t parked outside the house in its usual spot, so I guessed (or hoped, at least) that he wouldn’t be there. Part of me wanted it to be just my mum and dad. It hadn’t been like that for a while, and when it had, it wasn’t a happy environment.

He came to a stop and I got out of the car, stretching my legs slightly as if to hide my casual glances inside the living room where my mum was perched nervously on the edge of the sofa, staring forward and chewing her nail.

She’d evidently been waiting for me to get home.

My dad followed me out of the car and up to the door, giving me a clear indication that he was probably coming in also, maybe even to just sit with us for a little while.

I opened the door hastily, leaving it open for my dad to follow me inside. I soon made way to the living room, stopping in the arch of the doorway as my mum slowly looked up at me with bloodshot eyes. She’d been crying.

“Baby” she whispered, standing up. “What part of grounded don’t you understand?”

I could tell by the whisper in her voice and the half smirk on her lips that she really wasn’t as mad as her phrase would suggest she was. And, as she walked up to me, arms outreached, I realised that she really didn’t care.

I let her embrace me in a hug, wrapping my arms around her as Matt also walked into the room. After a moment or so, he cleared his throat, wanting to gain our attention.

My mum pulled away, running a hand through her hair and looking up at him, still smiling. Part of me suddenly and childishly hoped that they’d get back together – or maybe they had already. But I knew that they wouldn’t have.

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