Chapter One: My name is Kara...

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The Next Morning after taking June to her school, (Y/N) drive to the cyber life store that was in the city to visit his brother that wanted him for some reason. (Y/N) doesn't often see his brother much since he's often helping cyber life with their no product and upgrade of new androids that could be helpful to humanity but just like everyone else he of course would see them as nothing but slaves which I again have no feeling of seeing the androids like that at all.

(Y/N): alright this should be the place, Cyberlife store

(Y/N) got out of his car and was talking to the store but just then he accidently bumped into android

AP700: I'm sorry sir I didn't see you there how rude of him

(Y/N): n-no I'm sorry it was me who didn't see you-

Woman: William comes over here now!

I turned around as I saw a woman shouting for the android to come over, I look at the android as he walk away which made me felt bad for what humanity has become

(Y/N): ...damn humanity...

As I look at the android walking away with its owner, somebody comes out of the cyber store and look at him

Anthony: well if it isn't my baby brother (Y/N)

I turned around and as I saw my brother looking at me with a smile

(Y/N): Hey Anthony long time I have seen you

I look at my brother and notice he look so different the last time I seen him

(Y/N): did...did you grow beard?

Anthony: well yeah I couldn't bother to shave since it would just grow back anyway

(Y/N): oh I see...

Anthony: come on let's go in

I nodded and enter the cyber life store, as I arrive in I look around and saw lots of Android on top the walls, the windows and upstairs smiling as they look at the people coming close to them

Anthony: so (Y/N), how is baby June now?

(Y/N): oh June is not a baby anymore little brother, she goes to school now

Anthony: well that's good to hear, you truly are the most caring father

(Y/N): heh...I'm sure there are a lot out there that could be more caring than me

(Y/N) looks at the androids and Anthony notice this

Anthony: are you thinking of buying an Android?

(Y/N): don't truly want to buy androids thank you

Anthony: oh come on (Y/N), you really need one after what happened to-

(Y/N): Anthony!

As I shout at my older brother, the whole store went quiet and everyone look at us

Anthony: sorry...I shouldn't have brought her up

Anthony looks at the people that were looking and they all quickly went back to their business

(Y/N): Anthony, why did you bring me here?

Anthony looks down and takes a deep breath having high hope that (Y/N) would say yes for this

Anthony: well brother there's something I need to show you, I need to come over to the back

(Y/N): Ur okay...

I followed my brother to the back room, as we entered he lock the door behind

Anthony: alright brother here it is

Anthony takes something out of the cupboard and shows it to me

(Y/N): what...what is that?

Anthony: is a drug called red ice

(Y/N): oookay and why are you showing me this?

Anthony: well I was just wondering if you want to get a bit high on it-

(Y/N): oh my god Anthony, I told you that this type of crap could damage your body

Anthony: (Y/N) you really need to try this it's just-

(Y/N): Anthony this is the reason what cause dad death in the first place!

After hearing Dad death Anthony grab (Y/N) and shove him into the wall

Anthony: no ice killed our father, I told you a million times that those damn deviants kill dad!

(Y/N): no they didn't, it would be impossible for an android to appear in a public-

Anthony: you know what just get out If you're going to blame dad death on something that wasn't created that time

(Y/N): alright fine I will

Anthony unlock the door and I open it ready to leave the store but then I accidently pumped into android that was still standing there

(Y/N): an AX400...huh...

Todd: Hey, What do you think you're doing?

I turned around and saw this man with dirty brown hair, overweigh and smell like all kind of beers pushing me away from the android

(Y/N): s-sorry I didn't-

Todd: you know that's my android right!

(Y/N): sorry I didn't know!

Todd: yeah I bet you wanted to get that android didn't you!

(Y/N): no I just thought it look interesting that's all, I don't want to buy any androids!

Anthony: woah! Woah! What's going on?!

Todd: this piece of shit tries to take my android

Anthony: wait what-

(Y/N): I didn't try to take it okay!

Todd: yes you did!

Anthony: alright that's enough, (Y/N) just go!

(Y/N): alright fine I will just go...jeez some people I swear...

As (Y/N) left the cyber store, an AX400 android smile slowly faded away

Anthony: I'm sorry about that sir my brother can be such a foolish person sometimes...anyway is this supposed to be your android?

Todd: yeah I told the people to fix it again

Anthony: o-oh yeah your that guy that told us it was broken in a car accident, right?

Todd: y-yeah that's what happened anyway can I have it back now?

Anthony: oh yeah you can have it back now but we did have to wipe its memory out, I hope you don't mind-

Todd: that would be fine!

Anthony: oh okay, did you thought of a name for it?

Todd: my daughter did

Anthony: oh you have a daughter, so does the guy that you saw-

Todd: I don't care!

Anthony: oh s-sorry about that anyway AX400, please register your name

Todd goes close to the android and resister the name

Todd: ...Kara...

The android smile and repeat the name again

Kara: my name is Kara

Continues in Next Chapter... 

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