49: Beach Trip

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Scott fell asleep as soon as we got to the Air BnB we rented for the weekend. The house sat next to a little strip of beach and it was something we were both looking foreword to, only Scott must have been so exhausted because it didn't take him long to find the couch and pass out.
"We're going to let daddy sleep," I told Wesley as I helped him get dressed for the beach. "Me, you, and baby Arden will go to the beach and make sand castles,"
"Okay!" He nodded before pulling on his swimming trunks and a swim top. I made sure he was covered in sun screen and had his hat on before I turned to Arden and got her dressed. It wasn't ridiculously hot out, so I kept her in a short-sleeved onesie and planned on using a blanket to cover the little beach carrier Kirstie got us.
It was a decently sized play area, but more than half was covered by the umbrella and was perfect for babies to hangout in if they didn't want to play in the sand. A section was blocked off and we knew it was perfect for Arden when we first saw it.
I got her dressed and grabbed everything, only to follow Wesley into the livingroom to see Scott wide awake and rubbing his face with a loud yawn.
"You guys heading to the beach?"
I nodded, "yeah, Wes wants to play in the sand. I'm going to set up that play mat we got from Kit, for Arden. She's wide awake and I think she'll love watching the beach,"
Scott nodded, "I'll get dressed and meet you down there," he leaned down and I smiled when we kissed, only to have Arden wail and stare at Scott with wide eyes. "Really?!" He groaned and I chuckled. "First Wesley, then the dog, and now my baby?! This sucks,"
I laughed and handed him Arden after we decided that it would be easier to set everything up if I didn't have a baby in my arms.
Nearly an hour later, Scott, Arden, Wesley and I were all in a spot on the beach, under some tall trees and under an umbrella for extra protection. Scott was sat with his back against the umbrella, Arden sitting between his legs- with her back against his stomach- as she watched the ocean.
"Isn't it so pretty, baby?" Scott asked in a soft voice, gaining her attention. Today the weather couldn't be more perfect and it was the first time I wasn't incredibly worried about any of us getting sun burnt, or overheating.
Wesley was having the time of his life with some other kids nearby, so Scott and I got comfortable in our little section. His blonde hair was pushed back and he used a hairband to keep it out of his eyes, and he looked beyond attractive when he looked up and smiled his boyish smile.
"You look beautiful," he complimented, his blue eyes bright.
I rolled my eyes, "You're so cheesy,"
"I know," he chuckled and continued to play with Arden. He held up her toys and showed her how to play with it, even though she was still too young to understand what it was. "Do you think she's hot?" He asked, looking up again.
"I don't think so," I replied. "It's not hot out at all, and the shade is a few degrees cooler. She seems fine,"
Scott nodded and tucked her hair back before putting her sunglasses and hat back on. "There you go, Princess. Is that better? You can look out at the sea again,"
I swear, there was something about Scott with our children that made my heart thud out of my chest. He was such a natural father that it was beyond impressive to see him able to juggle being a father, a full time law-student and have a job.
"Daddy!" I looked up as Wesley ran over, his cheeks pink. "Swim?"
"Sure, buddy," Scott handed me Arden and we switched spots as Scott reapplied sunscreen onto our son's face. He set his own shirt to the side and picked Wesley up, kissing his cheek as they made their way towards the water.
Arden eventually fell asleep in my arms so I moved her to the blanket we had folded up and turned into a little bed for her. I kept an eye on her as she slept, while also admiring my boys as they played by the water.
Scott was chasing Wesley around when a large wave started to build off into the horizon. I noticed it at the same time Scott did, and it didn't take him long to spring into action and grab Wesley from the shore line and move further up the beach as the waves crashed down on the banks.
Scott shook his head, walking my way with Wesley by his side. "That could have been bad," he mumbled, earning a nod from me. I knew Scott was going to save Wesley, so maybe that's why my anxiety didn't sky rocket as much as it normally would have. And besides, what mattered most was that our boy was happy and safe.
"Daddy!" Wesley gasped, "did you see?! Big wave!"
I nodded, "that was something, wasn't it, love?"
He nodded, sitting next to me. "So cool. Again?"
"We can go into the water after you eat your snack-"
We all looked up when we heard a comment get thrown over by a family sitting nearby. I raised an eyebrow as one of them- the mom of the family, I'm guessing- scoffed to the others about two gay men having kids.
"Wesley," Scott caught our son's attention and patted the spot next to him as he held out his phone. "Here, lets watch cartoons while we eat. Want to watch some Scooby?"
Wesley nodded and crawled his way over while I felt my annoyance grow at her continuous comments. When she glanced over and saw Arden in my arms, her comment sent me off the walls.


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