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Ciara decided to open the door anyway. This was going to be her house after all. She was really excited to start a new life and make new friends. Nearly all her nerves were gone.

The door was unlocked so she put down her luggage and took off her shoes. "Hello?" Ciara said checking if anyone was there.

The house though average and rather small looking on the outside. It was amazing on the inside. There was still trains tracks but they blended seamlessly into the marble floor.

Ciara decided to make her way to the kitchen which was at the end of the long hallway with the door open.

She noticed a note on the kitchen door. "Ciara I will be home in five minutes. You can make yourself at home."  Ciara didn't know why Thomas didn't write this note on the front door and as she thought about that a bit more practical, she wandered how he could even write. She shrugged it off and made her way into the kitchen. She decided to sit down and make herself at home like the note said to do when something caught her eye

There was a sheet of paper on the kitchen counter. She went over to it. It was a birth certificate. She went over to it and her heart stopped.

It was HER birth certificate she knew this because there was a picture of her stapled on it but instead of her name there was a different one. "Toriel Dreemurr". She slowly reached up to her hair to scratch her head in confusion but her hair but it fell off her head. It was a wig all this time..

Suddenly she felt an ominous presence behind her. "What are you doing" The husky voice of Thomas the tank engine asked scarily. "I d-didn't mean to" Ciara or should I say Toriel stuttered. "Get out" Thomas said quietly. "What?" Toriel asked. "GET OUT" Thomas screamed. Toriel grabbed her things and ran out of the house crying not knowing what to do everything once again had been ripped away from her. What was she going to do now?

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