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What if a girl is rich and her accident happened and she can't walk now her father is helpless because some goons are searching to kill her and due to her security issues her father left to abroad saying that he will come after there after 1 year till then she is his responsibility .

He's a famous business man but her father is his teacher and No 1 businessman , who taught him business and he consider him as his god .

Her father left because of her security giving her responsibility to him because He trusts him and treat him as his own son. Anika doesn't like that too she is somewhat jealous of this.

They both know each other but girl had misunderstood him that he is money minded and wants her property because of his behaviour and his famous dialogue
"Business Mai dimag front seat par aur Dil back seat par Hona chahea".

She don't wanna live with him and one year is very big for her.

They both always used to fight in childhood whenever they met. He is a business man who never cooperates . She is also a businesswomen. She is working under her father . Loves him a lot. Will do anything for his happiness.

What will happen if she will see his good side as a caring person.

In childhood he cared for her but because of his ego he didn't helped her till she asked.

She doesn't likes him because he never talked politely with her.

past : She wanna do friendship with him but he never replied her so she thinks that he isn't interested.

And now whether he is interested or not doesn't matter to her because she isn't.

Characters are same as ishqbaaz
But shivika know each other before. Anika is rich as compared to shivaay. She was bubbly and sweet in nature but shivaay's arrogance changed her behaviour towards him .

But she is only arrogant in front of him otherwise she is very sweet in nature and anyone can fall for her.

She talks normally with her employs and everyone likes her and don't want her to leave. All employees respect her a lot.

About shivaay he never talked Normally with his employs he always shout on them and never wished them back. But still everyone respects him because he is not that much heartless.


2nd thing.

Tell me that you want 10th one as os or story please. ( dare one which I already told before) .

It's prologue

😁😁 Actually I was tired learning chemistry was searching something and then I saw accident news in Google and this idea popped in my mind😁😁.

I don't know when will I start but I'll start this after completing my os

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