Bark Side of the Moon

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Takes place mid- season 2. Read at your own risk and I am not responsible for any spoilers you read in the comments.

It had been a couple weeks since Marley had seen the Winchesters. Not that that was really a significant fact on which she based time. However almost being killed- oh wait no that's a pretty regular event too. Ok almost being successfully killed- there that was a pretty significant event on which to base time. So yes it had been a few weeks since then. She had killed only 1 other soldier that PEON had sent after her. After the first 3 she assumed they realized they needed to reevaluate their failing strategy. She had killed him yesterday in the alley next to a bar in Fairview, Utah. Marley had traveled around for awhile before finally ending up there and randomly deciding to stop. Anyway, she had been human when she entered the alley, but shifted in order to make the kill. Luckily the alley wasn't exactly bustling that time of night. The cops had found him this morning with no idea what had happened. Another wild animal was their best guess and it's Utah, so it's not that uncommon, but no one had seen any animal in the city all night.

She was currently walking down the street and she swore somebody was following her. There had been a distinct smell of wood for the past block and a half she had been walking, and it was not a smell that had been there the past few days. However the person trailing her was far enough back that she couldn't catch a glimpse of them in any of the store windows she passed and she wasn't about to turn around and give away that she knew they were there. So she kept walking.

Maybe it was because she hadn't been training in the past few weeks. Or maybe it was because she was so focused on the man following her. But whatever the reason was, she let her guard slip. And of course as fate would have it (totally not a plot convenience at all I mean this is Supernatural so maybe it was Fate who knows) as she passed an alley, an arm reached out and grabbed her. A rag soaked in chloroform was pressed against her face and she was out in seconds.


When Marley awoke she didn't immediately open her eyes. It was best to get a grasp on her surroundings before giving away her conscious state. The first thing that hit her was an overwhelming smell of wood. Sawdust. Well that explained why she had smelled wood before she got knocked out. She assumed she was in some sort of wood factory and was therefore most likely on the outskirts of the city. She felt pressure on her wrists and after a careful mental picture was drawn, she realized she was bound to a chair  with her hands tied behind her back by some rope. Her chest was tied to the back of the chair by what felt like nylon rope and the same with her legs to the legs of the chair. Surprisingly, but thankfully, she wasn't gagged. Finally she began listening. There were voices in the building but based off of the echo she could tell they were not very close to her. What she could hear distinctly was the sound of a keyboard clacking close by on her right. She let her eyes open. Everything was how she pictured it, maybe slightly dirtier, but her observational skills were still keen from her training. Marley let her eyes trail over to the computer but she kept her head straight ahead. The result was a side glance paired with an annoyed face. However the man was seated in his chair facing away from her.

"Can I help you with something?" Marley spoke first.

The keyboard clacking stopped as the sound reached the man's ears. The man raised his head but didn't turn away from the computer.

"You seem a little bit too tied up right now to help me."

Marley flicked her gaze back to looking straight ahead and smirked. "A pun. Alright I'll respect that."

The man swiveled around in his chair and stared at her. His gaze was hard and he crossed his arms.

"How long ago were you turned?"

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