Meet The Makers

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Bethany walked back over after closing the door. Her parents were coming over?! As angry as I was to be here, I was actually fairly curious as to what her parents are like. I just hope they don't accept me and force me Bethany to leave me alone.

Bethany walked back over to me and smiled before sitting on the side of the bed.

Bethany: I'm sure you're confused about everything going on but you don't need to be!

She laid down next to me.

Bethany: I'm sure my parents are gonna love you!

She leaned up and pulled the gag out of my mouth.

(Y/n): W-wait are your parents l-like you?

Bethany: well duh! It's where I learnt that if you want someone to love you, you've gotta remove the competition!

Now I had to simply hope to eventually find a way out of here by my self it seems. Her parents wouldn't be that much of a help.

(Y/n): R-Ryan only said about your m-mums, what about y-your dad?

Bethany: oh him? We don't get to see him often! Mum says it's for his own good cause he was naughty a lot! A bit like you were being a few months ago!

She giggled in my ear, sending shivers down my spine.

Bethany: I don't get to see my dad often, But I'll ask and see if they'll be nice enough to bring him along to meet you! I'm sure the two of you would be fantastic friends!

(Y/n): O-oh....

Bethany: he's very shy like you are as well!

I kept quiet. Bethany didn't say anything either, instead she began to snuggle up into my side.

She then suddenly leaned up and stared at me funnily.

Bethany: darling I love your scent and all but I've gotta say, you're beginning to stink up a room! Have you showered today?

I shook my head and she smiled happily.

Bethany: you know what that means!

She began to untie my hands and legs and as she did so, she began to pull me up off the bed before dragging me out of the room and down the hallway.

Bethany: besides I need you to smell nice, especially with my parents coming over tomorrow!

(Y/n): yeah a-about that..

Bethany stopped and turned to me with a confused expression on her face.

(Y/n): what if they don't accept me?

Bethany: well if they thought that you weren't any good for me, then they'd probably have you executed on the spot!

I swallowed my nervousness. I was hoping to get them to hate me and for Bethany to have to leave me alone but now I had to get them to like me.

I just hope Her dad will help me to escape or can at least give me some pointers On how to. That's if he's even allowed to come and meet us all.

Bethany began to drag me to the bathroom again.

Bethany: you seem to be a little nervous about meeting my parents

(Y/n): well h-how could I n-not be after y-you said t-they'd kill me I-if they didn't like m-me?

Bethany: hmm, true...but that's highly unlikely! You're way too much like my dad for them to hate you! They'll absolutely adore you!

We eventually made it to the bathroom where I saw that a pile of my clothes was already laying there. Bethany pulled me inside and locked the door behind us.

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