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Colby had a live event an hour away from the house. The girls decided to stay home and spend the day with his Mom. Holly wanted to take Olivia shopping and Rebecca wanted to tag along because she was getting bored by sitting at home every day.

"What about this?" Rebecca asked holding a black jumpsuit up in Olivia's size
"I like it" Olivia said
"Why don't you go try it on" she said handing it to her

"Distractions" Holly said with a smile
"She's got a lot of energy sometimes" Rebecca said "I've got to try and distract her somehow"
"How is parenting?" she asked as they sat on a bench and waited for Olivia to come out
"Good so far. She's a really easy kid.. Kinda scares me to be honest"
"Why?" Holly laughed
"Because if she's this easy as a child. I'm terrified for what she's going to be like as a teenager.. what if she just flips and rebels"
"Her father was a good kid, he had a little bit of a rebellious side in his teens but he wasn't too bad" Holly explained
"With a new baby coming she's gonna have to learn to share us" Rebecca said
"She seems pretty excited"
"She is so excited.. it's actually cute"
"TaDa!" Olivia came out of the dressing room and showed off the outfit
"Beautiful!" Holly said with a smile
"Do you want to take that with us to Ireland next week?" Rebecca asked and Olivia nodded
"Please!" she said with puppy dog eyes
"Go get changed.." Rebecca said and Olivia happily walked back to change back into her normal clothes

Later that Colby was getting ready to go out for his match when he saw Rebecca's name pop up on his phone. She knew he had a match and she knew he was more than likely not going to be able to answer. He knew it was just her calling so He could tell Olivia good night but he knew that Olivia would understand if he didn't answer so he pressed decline on the call and grabbed his title before heading out.

His match went off without a problem. He won against Drew like every live event for the past few nights. He showered before grabbing his phone from his bag and seeing '8 missed calls - Becks' and then he scrolled '4 missed calls - Mom' He clicked Rebecca's number and got no answer so he began to get worried. He pressed his mom's number next and thankfully she answered
"Colby! Where have you been?" Holly scolded him
"Mom I have a job.. you know that" he said rolling his eyes, he was annoyed "What's wrong?" he asked as he placed his gear in his bag
"We're in the hospital" she said and he froze
"What?" he asked
"We're in the hospital, Rebecca started to feel pain while we were out.. we thought maybe it was just from her being up and walking all day but when she got home and relaxed it got worse" she explained and Colby grabbed his bag throwing it over his shoulder
"Where is she? is she okay? is the baby okay?" he asked as he practically ran out of the locker room
"We've been here for about an hour, she was taken back and Olivia and I are in the waiting room.. We aren't allowed back so we don't know anything" she said
"I'm on my way" he said as he got to the car "I'm like 45 minutes away from the hospital" he said and he felt himself beginning to panic
"I will call you if anything changes or I know anything" she said

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